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​​What Dubai Desert safari Actually looks like in 2022?

There are many things to do in Dubai among them, one of the most popular is to leave the city for a Dubai desert safari for a thrilling evening of dancing, adventure, and eating. There are numerous companies that offer this experience however, they’re all alike. Here’s an overview of what to expect from your safari. 

Enjoy Desert Safari with 4×4 Ride

You can choose to begin your tour in Dubai depending on the company you select. A big tour bus or smaller van will take you to the desert which is twenty miles from there.

There are two to three safari lounges that have been set up in the area, and many are utilized by several tour operators. It is a good thing that the dunes in the desert will keep the view of nearby camps, making it be a completely exclusive and private experience. 

If the bus picks you up on the roadside and you’re dropped off, a group of 4x4s is waiting to take you to your next adventure. These aren’t your average 4x4s, they’ve been through tens of thousands of dollars worth of improvements to allow them to be capable of speeding across the sand dune speeds of up to. 

They’ll take you for an exciting ride through the dunes towards your camp with several slides, jumps, and perhaps even an opportunity to roll. We’ve seen more than one 4×4 lying on its side, or with a tire blowing out. But don’t be concerned, the entire group was safe. 

Ride-on Quad Bike and a Camel

When you reach the camp, an array of things will be waiting to be enjoyed before you get to the gates. 

Many camps offer camel rides as well as quad bikes and both aren’t necessarily cheap. Quad bike trails aren’t too huge, but they’re still an absolute blast playing with the sand.

The camel rides may be controversial as eco-friendly options however, I prefer looking at it as a horseback riding experience with local animals. It is likely that there will be one or two falcons to hold for a photo and to ask for money. 

Enjoy the Delicious Buffet Dinner

When you’ve made it to the camp’s walls there’s a good chance they already have the buffet ready, however, this is mainly snacks, delicious desserts, sweet potato fries, and so on. The main course is usually served between the third and the second dances. The food served at dinner can vary according to the camp, as is the quality. 

There is a good chance you’ll find a few meat dishes, a few pasta dishes, different kinds of bread, salads, and so on.  The drinks are not usually included. In the event of a day when you go, you may be able to get alcoholic drinks. (they’re not available on holidays).

Enjoy the Evening Dance at Safari

The best aspect of the evening is the dancing. I’m not sure if every one of the dances at Dubai desert safaris were alike but I’ll detail the one I attended. The first dance featured a belly dancer. It was arousing and it showed the real picture of the Arabic culture.  You can enjoy this in the evening desert safari in Dubai. 

Another dance that you can enjoy is the one many people adored. It is a dance called a tanoura and basically, it involves dancing all day long as changing the outfit and pens umbrellas turns the skirts and many more that each one of them stunned. 

The last performance you can enjoy is a fire dancer and while you’ll see that you’ll get amazed that how they are doing it. This dance will surely adore you. 

I hope we’ve developed your understanding of what the Dubai desert safari actually looks like in real. I personally recommend you to visit the evening desert safari along with the Camel riding, rest is your own personal choice which adventures you like based on your personality. 

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