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Understanding Different Types of IPL Betting

Cricket betting is a popular sport which people from all over the world enjoy. Cricket is played with a lot of passion and excitement, and when you play it on a competitive level then it becomes fun.  In India, the Indian Premier League(IPL) is one of the most well-liked sports and obviously there are many sports betting fans who love to bet on it as well. 

The Indian Premiere League (IPL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India. It is contested by eight teams divided into two divisions, with each team playing each other once at home and once away. The league is organized by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and sponsored in the latest edition by the Tata Group.

The IPL is the most popular and most-attended cricket league in India and in the world, and so is the Indian Premier League betting. The thing is that Indians adore cricket and play this game for centuries. They have the physical fitness and strength for this game. Besides, this game is a part of Indian culture!

Types of IPL Betting:

There are multiple types of cricket betting available to players out there in the market and some of them are mentioned below.

Match Betting

The most common type of cricket bet is the result bet. This type of bet only requires you to choose one of three outcomes: the match will end in a draw, the home team will win, or the away team will win. Its simplicity and popularity make it the most popular type of cricket betting wager by far.

Tied Match

A tied bet is the type of bet where you need to bet yes or no as to if the match will result in a tie. If it does, and you bet correctly, then you end up winning. 

Completed Match

You can bet on whether the match will end on that day or not, as well as whether it will finish as scheduled. If you believe that extraneous factors, such as weather, can affect the game and push it to another day, you can bet that the match will extend beyond that day.

For full-day matches, you can bet on whether you think that the game will end on that day or not. It is also a yes or no bet as to whether the match will finish as scheduled. You can even bet on the game finishing the next day depending on the weather conditions.

Top Bowler

Betting on individual players is a great way to make money. You choose the player you think will take the highest wickets during a series or match. You can choose the player from any team that will win the title. If your selection is correct, you will earn your prize money from the sportsbook.

Innings Runs

The wager is simple. The bookmaker posts several runs and all you have to do is bet if you think the actual amount of runs scored will be under or over the displayed number in the sportsbook. If you predict correctly, you win! If not, then you lose.

Team of Top Batsman

In this IPL betting option, you will get to wager on the team from which the top batsman will emerge. The odds of winning this bet are high since there are only two teams to bet on.

Top Batsman

If you bet accurately on which player will score the highest amount of runs during the match, then you win the bet. Since this bet is tougher to predict, it has a higher payout.


As you can see, cricket betting requires a bit of knowledge and research before choosing a bet type. But it also makes it that much more exciting when you can make informed decisions in picking the right bets. 

It’s easy to start betting online in India. Betting on IPL matches is fun and exciting. IPL is not just a game but it is also a show of entertainment. The culture and the sports, the whole nation watches this event with so much joy and excitement, every individual enjoys every single moment of it. The best part is that you get the chance to win cash prizes, despite your age or profession. Fairplay is the best place to bet online when it comes to sports like cricket. It is essential to select a safe and trusted place to bet on cricket and Fairplay provides you with all. 


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