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Ultimate guide to purchase a wardrobe of your choice

Wardrobe is not like some small piece of furniture that you can change it after two or three years. It’s a long term investment on home décor and selecting the right wardrobe is quite important. Take a look at the old wardrobes of your house, if planning to give a makeover; you should also keep checking catalogues, online portals to determine what type of designs are available in the market.

Take measurement of the room space where you would want it to be placed.  Ensure that there is sufficient space to open the drawers or doors, while you stand in front of the cupboard.  Take a note of minimum and maximum height, width, and depth.  In case of smaller bedrooms, it’s suggested to opt for sliding doors, as they do not swing outward.

Below mentioned key points will help you in making an informed decision.

Types of wardrobe designs

The wardrobes come in various types, ranging from two-door, three-door to sliding doors.

Two doors wardrobe:

  • Popular choice as they fit in average or small sized rooms
  • Slightly having a larger width than single door wardrobes
  • Come with handing spaces, shelves, and drawers to suit your requirements

Three doors wardrobe:

  • Ideal choice for a shared storage closet between 2 people or a child and an adult
  • Great choice for large sized rooms; can be bit of tight spaced setting for smaller rooms
  • Suits those needing multiple storage combinations to place their clothes collection

Four doors wardrobe:

  • Come with more than four door combination as well, serving the purpose for larger bedrooms
  • Can be shared by a family of more than three people
  • Five doors cupboard is the ideal space saving choice for duos, who want to segregate their belongings into their personal storage sections
  • Can be made as separate compartment to store linen and towels
  • Can act as the replacement of multiple storage units

Sliding door wardrobe:

  • Perfect for small rooms where opening the door can be a little difficult
  • Also best suits larger rooms due to its uniqueness and compactness
  • Comes in box shaped for smoother sliding operation
  • Offered in a range of sizes and lengths

Fabric wardrobe:

  • Metal framed fabric cupboard, comprising of changeable storage and shelves configuration
  • Easy to assemble
  • Modern looking design that can be personalized for easy storage options
  • Come with zipped hanging-compartments, side pockets and drawers to store accessories or shoes
  • Quick storage and space saving solution for toys, clothing, etc

In terms of cost, the sliding doors are considered to be a bit more expensive than swing doors or hinge doors. Swing doors wardrobes are considered as traditional and conventional looking type, while sliding doors offer modern look.  Usually swing doors eat up lot of space when being opened and if you’re looking for save-space solutions, it’s better to go for sliding doors.

You need to keep these things in mind while purchasing the wardrobe online as well from offline merchandised stores.

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