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Types Of Glass And Cleaning Process For Strata Cleaning Services

Whether you have noticed spots of mud and dust on your glass door or window, this will urge you to get it cleaned ASAP.  While this also happens sometimes that you see strokes on the glass after local cleaners clean the windows. When you want your glass windows and door to be cleaned in the best way, you need professional cleaning solutions.

The glass comes in different types and each of them requires special cleaning. See more about the types of glasses and how professionals provide glass cleaning:

  • Heat Strengthened Glass

This glass is not as common as the glass types and it is more prone to damage with some blemishes that occur during the heat-treatment process. However, it is also considered the stronger than other types of glass without being quite as tough as tempered glass. When it comes to their cleaning, they should never be cleaned with harsh objects as this can bring damage. They need to be cleaned with a soft substance incorrect way.

  • Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is the most common glass type that is used for commercial and residential properties. It is strong, flat, and easy to manipulate. This quality makes it a perfect choice for windows, glass doors, etc,. Annealed glass is made through a rigorous process called ‘annealing’. In this process, the solution slowly cools the glass as it is being formed. This releases any internal stress and allows the glass to reach a slightly softer and firm shape. This makes it best suitable for home or property windows.

  • Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is called as safety glass. This is because it is created to break up into smaller pieces that stick together when broken. This comes with a webbing pattern that helps eliminate sharp edges. They are used in commercial buildings, as well as on glass tables/furniture. They can be cleaned easily with any solution.

  • Low-E Glass

This glass is specifically designed to defend against harmful ultraviolet rays coming into your home or property. It does this by preventing the surface of things.  Using microfiber is best to prevent any scratching of the protective film. Also, it is best to ammonia-free cleaner.

When you want to clean the glass, it is important to know its type. This will help to clean the glass in the best way and prevent it from any damage. Choosing professional cleaners can help you to clean you glass in the best way without damaging it.

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