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Types of Dentures You Could Choose From

If you miss some or all the teeth in one or both jaws, you could solve that issue by opting for full or partial dentures. Whichever you choose, partial or flexible dentures, they have their pros and cons. You can opt for dental implants, traditional partial dentures or flexible partial dentures. 

Flexible partial dentures have two primary features. They are designed to replace some of your natural teeth. It is made of a softer and more flexible material when compared to traditional dentures that are made of chrome, resin and porcelain. They are more flexible and softer materials and are more comfortable when compared to traditional dentures. They are more attractive as they won’t require metal clasps or fasteners which you can find on traditional or partial dentures. Flexible partial dentures replace the natural teeth that might be missing due to accidents, injuries or tooth decays. Getting flexible dentures can be a solution that would help people who miss a set of teeth within their mouth. They might be looking for something more comfortable than traditional partial dentures

Flexible partial dentures, when compared to dental implants, are less invasive of an option to replace the missing teeth. They could be one of the best options for people who experience allergies to various materials that are used to make traditional dentures. As they are made of more flexible materials when compared to traditional dentures, it lasts longer than traditional dentures. Due to their flexibility, they are less likely to break. If you would like to increase the lifespan of your dentures, you should follow the instructions of the dentist on how to clean them every day and soak them overnight to prevent damage.

Cleaning and soaking the dentures every day is very important. Cleaning and soaking are essential steps to maintain good oral hygiene. Dental implants need not be soaked and removed as they are permanently fixed within the jaw. However, they have the disadvantage of being a more invasive solution rather than flexible or traditional dentures. 

Titanium dental implants could be the best choice as they help in restoring natural dental function when compared to traditional or flexible dentures. The implants are rooted equally into the jaw, you could chew, eat and speak naturally. If you are wearing the flexible, traditional type of dentures, it will help in restoring the cosmetic losses that are associated with the missing teeth and most of the dental functions. However, many people experience restrictions that are related to chewing and eating.

Flexible dentures may not be the best for you if you expect to lose more teeth soon or if you already have some loose teeth. Once they get prepared, more teeth cannot be added to them later. However, you can add additional teeth to temporary partial or transitional dentures that are made of traditional materials. If you expect to lose more teeth soon, you could opt for a traditional type of denture than a partial flexible denture.

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