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Type of bets Available in the Roulette Game

Roulette game is one of the most exciting games to play on most online gambling Malaysia. Although the game is not straightforward, and you need to have prior experience before engaging in an actual game. The first significant step is learning the various number of bets available.

The red or black bet

It is the most straightforward bet to understand and is convenient for most beginners in the gaming industry. You as the player have the option to either select the red or black numbers. However the single zero and double zero are neither black nor red, and this gives the cmd368 Malaysia  a higher house edge on this specific bet.

The odd or even bet

You will have to decide which series of the number you think will appear, is it an even or odd number? However, if the zeros are the final numbers to touch the spinning ball, it means you have lost the bet.

The high or low bet

The numbers are classified in specific criteria on the board. The first grouping method is a high or low sequence. In this combination, the bookmaker separates the number into two groups with numbers between 1-18 representing the lower sequence. On the other hand, the numbers between 19-36 are a good representation of the high series.

It’s up to to you to select the sequence of numbers that you think have the high likelihood to win. The two series are even bets in terms of monetary allocation.

Columns/dozen bets

The numbers on the board are sequentially grouped in three columns. You can bet that numbers on the first, second or third will spin the longest on the wheel. If your guess is right, you stand to win the bet.

On the other hand, you can bet on the dozen bet it merely means betting either on the first, second or third dozen of numbers. The first dozen includes 1-12, second dozen 13-24 and third dozen 25-36.

Straight up bets

It is among the simplest types of bets to understand. In the straight-up bet, you select a specific number that you think the spinning ball will land. You have the freedom to choose any amount from the spinning wheel. If the ball falls on that number, you win, and you lose if it lands on a different number.

Street and corner bets

The street bets entail betting on numbers that appear within a row of 3 digits. For instance, you can bet on 1,2,3 or 4,5,6. If the spinning ball lands on any number of the three combinations, you win the game.

The corner bets almost resembles the street bets, but in this, you are betting on a sequence of 4 numbers. The selected numbers need to form a square on the board.

Lastly, they are many types of bets available for the roulette game, and you need to learn them to maximize your chances of winning.

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