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Things You Must Know Before You Book an Air Cargo Online

Have you ever shipped cargo using air freight services? If you have, you would know the process, and if you have not, there are several things to consider. To book air cargo online, you have to go through a long process of formalities. Almost every trader commences his business with inclined regard and reliability on maritime shipment. You must also have your trading preference fixed on sea transportation unless some urgent specified client demand comes up. So, if you are now looking for options to book air cargo online, you must list these few things to consider. 

Factors To Consider Before You Book Air Cargo 

To book air cargo online without any hassle, you must be aware of the factors that affect the process. Just like maritime shipment, air freights also require customs clearance, security checks, etc. But what counts is booking air cargo at the best price! 

#1 Air Cargo Pricing Strategy 

Air freight charges are prone to frequent fluctuations. You may not find constant prices, and last minute bookings can cost you more! The demand for cargo shipping, the network of airlines, fuel costs and weather changes influence freight costs. Find the best shipping service provider that hosts online booking on their separate portal. This way, you can avoid the rush and server breakdowns. 

#2 Source of Online Booking 

For you to book air freight online at a reasonable price, you must choose a reliable source. Just like you choose a travel agent to book your air tickets, you must find a shipping service provider to book air cargo. You can get lower rates, a functional website for online booking and additional benefits by choosing the best source. 

#3 Available Choices 

You will get different options of air freight services to meet your shipping requirements. They are:

  • Consolidated Freights (Consols): Airfreight service where one aircraft carries multiple freights from different traders. 
  • Charter Services: This service is an occasional occurrence wherein a trader books the entire plane for shipping a huge consignment. This service comes at a very high cost. 
  • Direct Services: This facility is served in the hold of a scheduled flight where a single and low volume cargo can be transported. 

You must consult a reliable service provider before you book air cargo online. Since most airlines charge a heavy penalty or fee on booking cancellations, you must make a wise decision beforehand. 

#4 Restrictions On Certain Cargo Shipments 

There are some goods that you can never send using air freight services. You have to rely upon maritime shipment for trading these goods. So, be careful before booking your air slot online as your cargo will not clear the customs if it does not qualify the list. Gases and flammable items, any form of explosives, strong magnets, products that carry safety warnings, radioactive items, and infectious items fall under the restricted category. 

#5 Air Cargo Tracking Facility 

If you book your cargo online using the website of a renowned service provider, you can use the direct cargo tracking facility from the company portal. There will be no need to use the busy servers of airlines to get an update! 

#6 Role of Freight Forwarding Companies

You have to understand the role of freight forwarding companies before you book air cargo online. All these additional facilities discussed above are a part of the services offered by the best freight forwarder in the business. So, you must choose wisely! 

Book air cargo online using the secure portal of a reliable service provider. Analyze your options and pick the company that will provide end-to-end support in the shipment. If your business is in the budding stage, you should seek professional help from a company that understands the nitty-gritty of this industry! 

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