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The Card Game Hand That Sent You to Jail

You may have been a little tipsy when an old friend from high school asked you to join a group at the card table in the corner of the bar. You were not surprised when you lost two hands in a row, and you were beginning to wonder if you were being set up. You called out to the group that the next hand would be your last, and your statement was greeted with snickers and snide comments. Imagine your surprise when you got a winning hand! The problem was, when everyone showed their cards, five aces appeared. Someone screamed obscenities, fists began flying, and your chair flew backward suddenly. The off-duty police officer arrested everyone at the game, and you were glad the ruckus stopped. Here is what to expect next.

  1. The Cold Cell

You will be transported to jail, where you will have your “mug-shot” taken. You will also be searched, and your fingerprints will be scanned. If you are fortunate, you will be held in an interrogation room. Otherwise, you will be placed into a cell with the other card players.

  1. The Awkward Story

You will stand before a judge to listen to your charges. The judge or bailiff will then ask you how you plead – and that is when you become a criminal defendant, so ask for an attorney. Also, remember to ask the judge to let you contact a bail bonds Scranton PA company to get you out of jail.

  1. The Waiting Game

Once you are free, you can live your life as you normally would; however, you cannot get arrested again. If you do, you will find yourself back in the cell with no chance for bail.

If you can learn a lesson from this experience, it would be to never play cards while you are tipsy. Or perhaps the lesson would be to stick to card games with friends you know will not cheat.

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