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Take Christmas Flights to These Vibrant Destinations

The cultural celebration of gift-giving, social gathering, decoration, and feasting while commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ is around the corner. And who wouldn’t want to break free from their daily routine and revel in this festive season while enjoying the best of winter delights? So, it’s time to take a break from your mundane life and savour the beauties of India. Let’s end this year on a blissful note while you soothe your mind and body with adventurous expeditions.

Here, we list down the top destinations to fly to this Christmas. Book flights today and be on the way already to witness the wonders these charming places boast of. You can download a flight booking app to get cheap flights this season!


You cannot just exclude Goa from the list of places when the bet is on celebrating Christmas or the best party destination. So, take a flight to this cute little state of India and revel in its quintessential touristy vibes this Christmas. Attend midnight mass service at historic churches, sing carols and hymns with thousands of people, and light up colourful candles for the Lord Jesus. There are more than 400 churches in Goa that you can visit to feel the actual vibes of Christmas.


Though you may relish the best of Christmas celebrations in Goa, the vibrant festival feels incomplete without winter and snowfall. Isn’t it? It’s hard to imagine the world of Christmas without snowflakes whispering into your ears and dominating the entire landscape. So, when you are in Manali, along with beautiful churches and happy crowds, you have snow-covered lands and mountain peaks to explore. You can also partake in numerous Christmas eve events like Gospel Choirs and Santa Claus gift distribution.


God’s Own Country is truly a beauty to explore any season. Whether it is Diwali, Eid, or Christmas, the fascination Kerala boasts of never fades away. So, make sure you spend your Christmas holidays in this heavenly abode for the festival here is celebrated with all pomp and show. You would find churches decorated with ornamental lighting and streets filled with joy and jubilation. 


Bangalore is one of the few cities where every single festival is celebrated with the same enthusiasm. So, it’s time you bask in the festivities of Christmas this season for this gorgeous city is all about ceaseless celebrations, carol singing, and midnight masses. Here, you wouldn’t just locals but also tourists in large numbers visiting churches on Christmas Eve and partaking in various events. Visit places like MG Road and find the city adorned with paradisal decorations.


One of the most popular hill stations in India, Shimla is mostly visited by couples and families during the summers when the city feels like heaven on account of its pleasant weather and natural surroundings. But when it’s Christmas in Shimla, it’s raining parties, barbeque nights, and music shows. You can also enjoy the beauty of snowfall here in December.


Being an ancient French town, Pondicherry makes for one of the best places in India to celebrate the festivities of Christmas. December is the time when this beachside beauty is all about fairy lights, Christmas trees, vibrant street markets, and decorated cathedrals. Sing carols by the beach or visit flea markets to shop for clothes, Christmas gifts, plum cake, wine, and more. Mission Street here looks like a world straight out of a fairyland during Christmas.


Ring in Christmas at midnight in the cantonment town of Lansdowne. It is one of the best hill stations in Uttarakhand and boasts of lush greenery, towering hills, pristine streams, and beautiful winding roads. Experience freezing winters as you sing carols in churches here. Mingle with locals and savour traditional delicacies. It is also a great place to relish snowfall delights during the Christmas season.

So, these were the best places to visit in India during Christmas this year. Wait no more and book flights right away. Download an online travel app and avail yourself of the best deals out there. Book cheap flights and save huge on your travels.

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