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Some Interesting Patterns of E-Cigarette Users

E-cigarettes have been quite a rage during the last few years, and their usage has grown considerably, if not exponentially. Although during the first few years after it was launched, it generated a huge interest but since the last few, the growth has been steady. When we try to understand its usage pattern along with the statistics of users of this device, some interesting facts emerge. For example, we can see that in the US, youths are more inclined towards using free electronic cigarette no shipping from E-cigarette Club than adults. The figures indicate that in 2017 only 2.8% of adults were regular users of the device. This proves substantially that adults are not much enthused by it rather it is the new generation that is more attracted towards it. The following points shall make the point even clearer.

  • School students are prone to using it – There is a figure which shows that in 2018, there were greater than 3.6 million US middle and high school students who had used e-cigarettes at least once in the past one month. The figure also goes on to state that it included 20.8% of high school students together with 4.9% of middle school students. Therefore, we can see here clearly from the figures that high school students are more prone to it than any other group of people.
  • Adults are taking to it more as a “dual-use” – When e-cigarettes are used along with other tobacco products, it is termed as “dual-use.” For the year 2015, when a list of e-cigarette users was compiled and broken up, it was found that 58.8% adults were “dual-users,” i.e., they also smoke tobacco cigarettes along with vaping. It was also noticed that only 29.8% of adults were former smokers and 11.4% of adults were never regular smokers. Moreover, for users of the device beyond the age of 45, it was noticed that most of them were either regular or former smokers and only a minuscule 1.3% of adults had never consumed cigarettes earlier.

We can see here that vaping is predominant mostly amongst the youth group and that is why it is gaining ground rapidly.


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