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Smart Ways to Make your Home Eco-Friendly 


More and more people across the world are becoming environmentally-conscious. Not only can you contribute to a sustainable and healthier environment, you can also save some money. But, how do you go about it? Listed here are some really smart ways that you can use for making your home eco-friendly:

  • Watch your water

Becoming eco-friendly doesn’t mean paying attention to your energy consumption. You also need to work on saving water. First and foremost, you need to fix any leaks in your pipes or taps. There are some lifestyle changes that you can also make like shutting off the tap when you are shaving or brushing your teeth. A low-flow shower head can also be installed and you should take shorter showers. 

  • Get a smart meter 

One of the biggest ways we use energy is through heating. During the winter months, people usually leave their heating on for longer than needed. This leads to loss of energy as well as wasted money. It is a good idea to get a smart meter as you can program them to turn on at certain times during the day like turning on an hour before you get home. These meters can go a long way in helping you decrease your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Opt for energy efficient light bulbs 

Investing in the right bulbs can also make your home eco-friendly. Avoid incandescent bulbs and opt for energy efficient ones that have been around for a while. These bulbs tend to use less energy, last longer and it also means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money replacing them.

  • Insulate 

Using as little energy as possible is the best way to be eco-friendly and insulation can help you do exactly that. Good insulation can keep in the heat so you don’t have to burn energy for reheating the home. You can double glaze your windows and cover exposed hardwood floors with area rugs. Installing eco-friendly blinds is also a great way of insulating your home as they can be opened when you want natural light and close them for keeping the cool air in.

  • Purchase recycled 

Whenever possible, you should purchase recycled products, which can include everything from kitchen roll to toilet paper. If there is an option to purchase recycled products, it is always better to go for it because it can protect the environment.

  • Buy natural cleaning products 

Using harmful chemicals for cleaning purposes can be very damaging to the environment. Washing them away means putting them into the water supply. Water will have to be purified before it can be used safely again. Go with natural cleaning products as there are options available to you. Bicarbonate of soda, citrus acid obtained from citrus fruits and vinegar can be used for doing your day-to-day cleaning tasks. 

It will not happen overnight, but with time and effort, you will be able to make your home eco-friendly, which will protect the environment and also reduce your bills. 

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