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Safety and Security at Parktown Residences: Ensuring Peace of Mind

The most important factors when choosing a place to live are safety and security. Facts Parktown Residences CapitaLand values their residents so as to keep them secure and give them peace of mind. The following are highlights of the full safety precautions and security functionality that Parktown Residences is providing residents.

Secure Gated Entrances

The secure gated entrances of Parktown Residences are designed to limit unauthorized entries into any premise. At gatehouses or guard shacks, armed guards stand as they control the check-in points for electronic access systems that only authorized guests and residents pass through.

Surveillance Systems

Modern security systems and surveillance systems installed over public areas, parking lots, and outside boundaries define Parktown Residences. Modern technologies used in these systems, such motion sensors and CCTV cameras, guarantee constant monitoring of their surroundings as well as discourage those with evil intent. For those who live under continual observation of their surrounds, there is peace of mind.

Well-lit common areas

The well-lit common areas are one of the reasons why our tenants feel safe at Parktown Residences. That includes lighting up outdoor spaces, walkways and parking from just before sunset to daybreak—increasing visibility while also being a preventive. Sufficient lighting additionally creates a safer atmosphere for residents who may need to walk through these areas at night.

24/7 security patrol

Highly-trained security personnel patrol the area 24/7 to protect all residents of Parktown Residences. These trained professionals monitor activities, respond to emergencies and uphold community guidelines. Their presence creates an additional feeling of safety for the residents in case we need help at any time.

Emergency Response Protocols

Parktown Residences has endorsed emergency response plans for all eventualities to enable a fast and seamless process in how each situation is managed, making sure resident safety is a top priority. There are separate sets of protocols that exist for these scenarios: fire incidences, medical emergencies and natural disasters, with trained staff response teams allocated to different types.

Safety as a Unit of Community

Safety is not only ensured by security systems being put in place but also by creating an environment of care and caution at Parktown Residences. Residents are encouraged to take part in neighborhood watch programs and safety workshops and report any concerns directly to management.

Built on life at Parktown Residences CapitaLand, safety and security are fundamental to our design for total peace of mind. Secure gated entrances, surveillance systems, well-lit common areas, 24/7 security patrols and emergency response protocols, and various community engagement initiatives all help create a conducive space for everyone living on our buildings.

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