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Look for a free Amazon sales estimator.

You can use the Sales Estimator to look up a product’s monthly sales volume by entering its ASIN. You’ll see the number of vendors in addition to the sales forecast, so you’ll know how fierce the competition is. You may also look at a product’s price and sales volume since it was first added to our database. You’ll have a better notion if it’ll perform well in the future this way. Before placing an order with your supplier, you can use this method to see if a product possibility is worth pursuing. It is essential to know about Amazon’s sales estimate.

Know about Revenue Calculator

The Revenue Calculator is a sample tool that compares product revenue predictions based on the fulfillment channel utilized. Easily check which costs apply to each fulfillment option and estimate sales volume to compute total proceeds and per-unit sold estimates.

How to Make the Most of the Revenue Calculator

  1. Look for the merchandise.

Search by keywords, such as the ASIN or product name, to identify a product that already exists on Amazon or in your listings. Select Define product and specify the measurements and product category for a product that isn’t yet on Amazon.

  • Enter the price and shipping charges.

If you choose an existing product, the Featured Offer will automatically populate the pricing and shipping information. You can change the Item pricing and Shipping fee for seller fulfillment at any moment for products that haven’t been posted yet.

  • Cost estimates should be entered.

Enter an estimated cost of goods sold for each fulfillment option to generate precise profit per unit estimates. Include your expected fulfillment costs and any other fees you wish to pay, such as FBA bagging and labeling service add-ons.

The Revenue Calculator includes fees.

Know about the fees for referrals

  • If applicable, FBA fulfillment fees for items sold in Amazon shops, including lithium batteries and special oversize handling.
  • Storage fees are charged every month (the calculator assumes inventory is stored in the country selected)
  • Closing costs that vary

What is the Zonbase Sales Estimator, and how does it work?

  • Open Amazon.com and look for the product you’re interested in.
  • Open the product description page after searching through the results for the product that most closely matches your product idea.
  • Copy the ASIN of the product by scrolling down.
  • Select the Amazon marketplace in the Zonbase Sales Estimator tool, and paste the product’s ASIN.
  • The Sales Estimator tool will estimate the product’s monthly sales in seconds.

Final thoughts

For Amazon sellers, and Amazon sales estimate is a critical tool. Sellers can use sales estimators to analyze their average monthly sales from a single location. In some cases, sales estimators can evaluate individual goods, categories, and even stockpiles. For checking your monthly sales, Amazon Sales Estimator is a must-have tool.

Amazon is today one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. Without the correct information and tools, it’s impossible to stand out as an Amazon seller among millions of merchants and billions of products. A Sales Estimator is a helpful tool for Amazon sellers because it can help anticipate possible sales success.

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