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Know Brazino Online Roulette

After a period of relative popularity compared to other casino games, Brazino roulette is steadily making a comeback in the gambling market. Players can choose exactly what kind of game they want to play, and thanks to the simplicity of online casinos, they don’t have to leave their homes to bet on a few spins.

Advantages of online roulette

Over the past decade, the growth of online casinos has made it possible for anyone to play their favorite games from the comfort of their own home. New casino platforms are released every month, giving roulette lovers a plethora of options. Additionally, there are several advantages to playing the game online rather than in a traditional casino.

  • Variety

One of the advantages of online roulette is the wide variety of games we provide, as well as the amount of visuals, originality and thought that goes into them. All this makes them much more interesting than traditional roulette.

  • High comfort

You don’t have to go anywhere, buy a suit or an evening gown or deal with a lot of other responsibilities. Online roulette can be played whenever it suits you: during a break at work, on public transport on the way home, in the evening before going to bed, etc.

  • Speed ​​of Play

When you play online roulette, you have complete control over the speed of the game. The dealer will not rush you into betting. You have time to think about the numbers you want to bet on.

  • Faster Payouts

Online roulette casinos generally pay out faster than their land-based counterparts. The rewards are the same, but the payout frequency is significantly better.

Different types of betting in roulette

To help you in your Brazino quest to start playing roulette, they have compiled a list of common and useful terminology and phrases you may come across:

  • Basket

A basket bet is placed on the numbers zero, one, two and three with a 6:1 chance of winning.

  • Corner

This is a bet on four numbers on the grid as the name suggests. This bet is also known as a square bet or by its traditional name “Carré”.

  • Six Rows

A six row bet is placing a bet on two adjacent rows in the grid, which can result in a payout of 5:1.

  • Split

Also known by its traditional French name “Cheval”, this bet is a 17:1 payout bet placed on two numbers next to each other.

  • Straight

This is one of the most common and simplest bets as it only needs to cover one number in the roulette wheel. This bet offers a payout of 35:1.

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