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How To Take Care of Your Cabinets

Sometimes it can be so easy to overlook the health and longevity of your custom cabinets in san antonio because it has been there for so long and have not shown any signs of wear and tear; however, you most certainly still need to give them attention and the time of your day because a good and functioning cabinet means extra storage space for you and a clean and organized house, that said, let’s get into how to to take good care of them!

1.  Regular Cleaning

Like everything else, regularly cleaning your cabinet is the key to keeping it in top shape for a much longer time because if you dont, dust, dirt, and even grease can accumulate on it, making it ugly and causing damage. We highly recommend doing the following so you keep it clean the right way:

–      Use Gentle Cleaners

Avoid harsh chemicals that can strip the finish or damage the wood so what you can do instead is to go for mild, non-abrasive cleaners specifically formulated for wood surfaces.

–      Soft Cloths and Sponges

Use a soft, lint-free cloth or a sponge to wipe down the cabinet surfaces like microfiber cloths, which are excellent for capturing dust and grime without scratching the finish.

2.  Protection from Moisture

Having moisture in your cabinet can lead to a lot of bad things like swelling and warping of the wood or even mold growth, so follow these steps to keep your cabinet from moisture damage”

–      Proper Ventilation

Ensure adequate ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom to prevent the buildup of humidity and if possible, we advice you to use exhaust fans while cooking or showering to reduce moisture levels in the air.

–      Seal Gaps and Cracks

When you are in the middle of cleaning it, make it a practice to inspect it regularly for any gaps or cracks where moisture can infiltrate, if you do see one, then you have to seal any openings with caulk or wood filler to create a barrier against moisture intrusion.


At the end of the day, sufficient damage to your cabinets will make it not possible for use in the long run, so you have to take the necessary steps to make sure that it doesnt break down so you can preserve it for a long time and even save up on some costs because you dont have to spend extra on repairs or replacements, so until then, stay safe and keep it clean!

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