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How to Survive the Coldest Days of Winter at Work

Winter is the time of year when the weather outside is cold, dark, and often discouraging. But just because Old Man Winter has arrived doesn’t mean you have to let him get the best of you. There are plenty of ways to make it through even the longest and coldest days at work without losing your mind (or your toes).

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to survive the winter months while still getting your job done. We’ll also provide tips on how your workplace could be doing more to help you stay comfortable during the colder months.

So, if you’re feeling a little blue about the thought of heading to work on a cold winter day, take heart. With our help, you’ll make it through without too much trouble.

Here are our top tips for surviving the coldest days at work:

  • Dress in layers– This is one of the most important things you can do to stay warm during the winter. Wearing multiple layers of clothing will trap heat and help keep you warm, even if the temperature outside is below freezing. Make sure to wear a base layer of long underwear, followed by a layer of socks, pants, and a shirt. You can then add additional layers on top, including a sweater or jacket.
  • Keep a warm drink by your side– Another great way to stay warm during the winter is to keep a hot drink by your side at all times. This could be a mug of coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate. The warmth from the drink will help to keep your body temperature up, and the caffeine will help you stay alert and focused on your work.
  • Take regular breaks– It’s important to take regular breaks during the winter, even if you don’t feel like you need them. Getting up and moving around every 20 minutes or so will help to keep your blood flowing and your body temperature up. So, even if you’re in the middle of a project, make sure to take a few minutes to walk around and get your blood moving.
  • Work from home– If possible, try to work from home on days when the weather is particularly cold. This will allow you to avoid the cold altogether and stay comfortable in your own home. Of course, not everyone has this option, but it’s worth considering if you can make it work.
  • Take a vacation day– If the thought of heading to work on a cold winter day is truly unbearable, take a vacation day. This will give you a chance to relax at home and avoid the cold weather altogether. Just make sure you don’t take too many vacation days, or you may find yourself out of a job!

These are just a few of the things you can do to survive the coldest days at work. With our help, you’ll make it through the winter without too much trouble.

What are the steps your workplace could take to make the winter months more bearable?

There are a few steps your workplace could take to make the winter months more bearable for everyone. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Provide heated parking– This is a great perk that can make a big difference during the winter months. Having a heated parking spot will ensure that your car is warm when you get in it, and it will make the process of scraping ice off your windshield much easier.
  2. Allow employees to dress for the weather– Many workplaces have strict dress codes that don’t allow for layers of clothing. This can be a problem during the winter when layers are essential for staying warm. If possible, see if your workplace can relax the dress code during the winter months so that you can dress for the weather.
  3. Prepare HVAC for winter– Make sure the heating and ventilation system in your workplace is ready for the winter. Your HVAC should be serviced before the cold weather hits, and it should be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in the office.
  4. Provide space heaters– If your workplace doesn’t have central heating, space heaters can be a great way to keep everyone warm. Just make sure that the space heaters are safe and that they’re not being used too close to flammable materials.
  5. Give employees flex time– During the winter, it can be difficult to get to work on time if there’s bad weather. If possible, give your employees some flex time so that they can start work a bit later in the morning or leave a bit early in the afternoon. This will allow them to avoid the worst of the weather and still get their work done.
  6. Encourage telecommuting– Telecommuting is a great option for days when the weather is bad. If possible, encourage your employees to work from home on days when it’s too cold or snowy to come into the office. This will allow them to avoid the weather and still get their work done.

Taking these steps can help to make the winter months more bearable for everyone in your workplace. By preparing for the cold weather and making some adjustments, you can help your employees stay safe and productive during the winter.


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