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How Cloud-Based Technology Revolutionizing The Online Gaming Industry

The role of cloud-based technology is slowly collecting momentum. With the rapid growth of cloud-based technologies in different entertainment domains like movies, music, and television, it was only a matter of time for acceptance of cloud-based technologies for the gaming industry.


What Is A Cloud-based Gaming?

In simple terms, cloud-based gaming is an online gaming service that is supported by cloud technology. Just like the advantages of other cloud-based services, all the online gamers doesn’t need to invest in high-end gaming hardware or gaming device to get a cloud-based service.

Technology companies such as Google and Microsoft are investing into cloud-based solutions for the online gaming industry with the recent representation of the Google Stadia that is specifically designed to work on any personal device like smartphones. A major benefit of cloud-based technology is that online gamers are not restricted to any device and can play their preferred games or say games of Canadian online casinos on any device.

In the next section, you will get to know about the role of artificial intelligence technologies and big data analytics in the online gaming industry:

Impact of Cloud-Based Solutions on Online Gaming Industry

There is no doubt that cloud gaming has enormous benefits and capabilities as it permits high-end games with high processing speeds to be performed on a low-end device, with the improved accessibility of online games on multiple platforms.

The utilization of artificial intelligence and deep learning technology in games can encourage a seamless gaming experience for gamers. AI and deep learning technologies have been seen in games like chess with human players playing against advanced machines. A current example is that of StartCraft II that includes AI-powered characters in video games to boost the resourcefulness in any gaming situation.

Cloud-based and AI-powered technologies are driving different types of innovation in the online gaming industry around the globe. With cloud gaming’s immense growth, AI and deep learning technologies are authorizing more attractive game design and removing barriers associated with cloud computing platforms. With solution-based services in the area of cloud engineering, cloud visualization, and cloud analytics, many technology companies are offering the right partner for global businesses searching for customized cloud-based solutions.

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