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How Bodybuilders Gain and Lose Weight Quickly

Ever heard that a bodybuilder lost 50 lbs in one month or gained the same? Do you wonder how they gain or lose weight so quickly? Well, in this article you will take a deep look into the features that affect their bodies’ losing and gaining weight so quickly and effectively.

Reasons that a bodybuilder can lose or gain weight quickly

It is a big example of how bodybuilders are not realistic. Many read or hear about how professionals drop 50 lbs or more before a contest, and even though they are not into competitive bodybuilding themselves, they think they too can go up by 50 lbs easily and quickly to add muscle. It is not realistic, as they are not seeing the complete picture.

First of all, a professional bodybuilder’s starting weight is his contest weight, with the least of body fat and water. He is often lucky to be in single digis body fat content. Now break the picture down: the professional bodybuilder has dehydrated, so up to 20 lbs of their weight gain could be water, but you can be conservative right now, and put it between 10 and 15 lbs.

Secondly, a professional bodybuilder will have added muscle, usually between 5 and 10 lbs (there are exceptions but these guys are not going up 50 lbs in their off season) during their off-season.

So if you add just the weight of putting their body’s water level right after dehydrating it and their muscle gain you will have a weight gain of between 15 and 25 lbs. That means between 35 and 25 lbs of their gain is fat. So 35 lbs of fat is a lot to lose in 12 weeks but it’s not a miracle by any means, and 25 lbs is 2 lb per week to lose. Some may be gaining weight on Anavar while buring excess fat with it. Ronnie Coleman has his bodyfat tested by water immersion and has never been over 8%.

What to conclude?

There are other examples, but you have got the idea with this explanation. The point is to think through and even research into whether or not what you are willing to do has been done, and, if it has, whether it has been done by people like you, and, if so, what were their circumstances? If their circumstances are nothing like your own, then it is not realistic to think you can mimic their methods or success.

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