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Guide to International Driving Permit

In case you need to drive while abroad and have a valid driver’s licence from your home country, you should get an International Driving Permit (IDP) before leaving the country.

A Singaporean driver’s licence is valid in many countries, although an International Driving Permit (IDP) is typically required to legally operate a motor vehicle or motorcycle outside of Singapore.

An IDP application can be submitted online in Singapore through the Singaporean Automobile Association branch. The authorization will be sent to you via postal service during the next week to week and a half.

You can get an IDP immediately at any Service Singapore Centre or mobile service centre in the country and pay for it there.


You must satisfy the following conditions to participate:

Must be at least 18 years old

You must have a valid driver’s licence issued by the government of Singapore, with or without any condition.

What it is that you require?

  • Details about yourself and how to reach you
  • When do you plan on leaving and returning?
  • Photos of the front and back of your valid Singaporean driver’s licence
  • One current, passport-sized photograph (taken no more than 6 months ago)
  • You have submitted payment.

What to do with it?

  • If you want to apply, just go ahead and click the “Apply online” option.
  • Make sure your state of residence is selected.
  • Click “Start your IDP online application” once you’ve read and agreed to the terms of service.
  • Proceed to the next stage only once you have completed all relevant fields, uploaded all necessary documents, and made the appropriate payment.

In most cases, you should expect to receive your IDP within five to seven business days after the date it was mailed.

Instead of submitting your application online, you can print out the PDF Application for international driver’s license, fill it out, and mail it in with the fee to the address provided.

Read on for more info.

All IDPs will have the words “Convention on International Road Traffic of 19 September 1949” printed on the front cover because this is the date that the convention went into effect. All of the driving associations in a given state or territory are the sole providers of such licences.

An IDP, also known as an IDL (international driving licence), is valid for one year from the date it was issued.

Since the IDP is not valid without the Singaporean driver’s licence, you must carry both documents at all times.

Literal Meaning in another Language

For the benefit of foreign authorities, customs officers, and car rental firms, it explains the designations that appear on your driver’s licence. The document also includes translated versions of your existing domestic driver’s licence into the world’s most common tongues.

Car Rental Abroad

The majority of automobile rental businesses will ask you to show proof that you have a valid driver’s licence before you can pick up your rental car. You may be denied tenancy if you are unable to provide proof of a valid permit.

Crashes in Traffic

Your ability to prove your legal right to operate a motor vehicle in the event of an accident will be determined by the documents you have with you at all times, so don’t leave home without both your permit and driver’s licence. Unless consent is granted, the claim may be rejected.

An Overview of Travel Insurance

Some insurance companies will not pay out claims if you were driving a vehicle in a foreign country without a valid driver’s licence.

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