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Few Myths about Pearls That You Must Have Heard

Pearl is one of the oldest gemstones that are used as jewellery. However, there are number of superstitions also associated with pearl gemstones. It is therefore necessary that these myths must be busted.

While buying jewellery from pearlsonly.co.uk you should not get trapped by following few common myths that are prevailing.

Pearl depicts tears that signifies sadness

Most people avoid giving pearl jewellery as engagement ring to a girl as there is a popular myth about pearl jewellery and that is – pearl is a symbol of tears which means sadness.

People believe that if a woman is presented with jewellery consisting of pearls as a marriage gift then her life will be full of tears and sadness.

Though most women adore pearl jewellery, it can make them look much pretty and beautiful.

Pearl can bring prosperity

Another belief that circulates among people though it is positive is that wearing pearl jewellery in the ring-form will bless the wearer and the person will be bestowed with peace, prosperity and well-being. It is also believed that the wearer will be able to forecast illness, accidents and death.

Pearls can cure diseases

Another myth is that pearl jewellery can cure various kinds of diseases like jaundice. It also prevents insect and snake bites.

Pearl jewellery can protect from shark attack

Since pearls are developed mostly in the sea and hence a myth prevails that if a person wears a pearl stone then the wearer will be saved from shark attack.

There is no end to such myths and most of them are meaningless and are laughable quotes however people still tend to believe them when they decide to buy any kind of pearl jewellery.

However, now people have slowly started identifying them as simple myths and there is no fact associated with such myths.

Nowadays, you can find that many women prefer to use different kinds of pearl jewelleries for their wedding ceremonies too breaking all these myths.

Also, in order to break these myths nowadays many people are gifting pearl jewellery for weddings as well as other special occasions.


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