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Essential tips on choosing the best shisha pen and vape like a pro

As we all know that electronic cigarettes or shisha pens are battery-operated devices which deliver nicotine to the vaper in the form of vapor and not smoke. Though there is no present research on whether or not shisha pens could play a role in helping you quit smoking, yet they are usually promoted as a smoking cessation device. No matter what, the soaring popularity of these e-cigarettes is something that none can deny. Are you someone who is planning to transition from smoking to vaping? If answered yes, you may feel intimidated by the wide array of options with regards to tobacco flavours.

Before you check out the best online resources like buyv2cigs.co.uk for getting your first shisha pen, don’t you think you should know the various tips that you have to follow in order to settle down with the best shisha pen in the market? Read on to know more on this.

Shopping around for a shisha pen

  • Decide on the style of shisha pen you wish to buy

There are wide varieties of vapor styles and electronic cigarette which range from mini models which look similar to conventional cigarettes to the APV models which are used by the more seasoned smokers. Mini or Cig-A like models look similar to traditional cigarettes and they’re also lightweight and small. On the other hand, the advanced personal vaporizers are designed for the advanced vaper because they produce more vapor than the mini-size models.

  • Choose a starter kit for your shisha pen

The kits usually include all the vaporizers, materials, batteries along with the instructions for use. They’re both available for the seasoned and novice vapers. You have to decide whether or not you want a kit that has refillable or pre-filled cartomizers. The latter are disposable and can be thrown off when there is no more nicotine solution. Then decide on the cost that you’re able to pay for the starter kit.

  • Ask the shisha pen retailer regarding the performance of vapor

When we say ‘performance’ of the vapor, we mean vapor production, battery life and throat hit. If you have to find out the shisha pen that is perfect for you, you have to keep in mind 3 factors. Vapor production is the total amount of vapor that is produced by the shisha pen. The term ‘throat hit’ is used to describe whether or not the e-cig can mimic the burning sensation which one gets with smoking a cigarette. In case you’re a heavy smoker, you should consider the lifespan of the battery.

So, if you’re trying your best to quit smoking and take onto vaping, keep in mind the above listed factors before buying a shisha pen for yourself.

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