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Urbanites everywhere benefit from the services their city provides. Your mind probably immediately goes to things like public transportation and trash removal. However, your city also maintains roads, operates schools and oversees all the public parks within its domain. No public park is more famous than New York City’s Central Park, but that’s not the only one NYC operates. City government operates several different kinds of parks in NYC and has improved many of them.

The Process

Any time city planning includes the Parks Department, permits are needed. These permits take many variables like electric, gas and sewer lines into consideration and frequently require a source of outside assistance like MTA Capital Improvement New York City to manage possible roadblocks. Brainstorming the improvements, choosing the neighborhoods which will be positively impacted and securing funding from the budget and/or donors are all steps that must be taken before any actual work begins. Having someone else deal with the necessary permits alleviates one source of stress for those involved in building or improving city parks.

Recent Initiative

The New York City Parks Department recently began an initiative to improve the parks in 110 underserved neighborhoods. The reasoning behind this is to elevate the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of these parks to ensure that people in all neighborhoods of NYC receive a more balanced access to the amenities parks offer. Green spaces and play spaces inspire creativity and reduce stress. Government officials in NYC realized that those benefits should be equitably spread among all residents.

To continue this initiative, the Parks Department has identified other parks in other neighborhoods to receive upgrades, too. These improvements include repairing damaged equipment and fencing, planting and maintaining new trees and lawns and repairing and upgrading playground equipment and ball courts.

Among the many benefits your city taxes fund, parks are among the most beautiful.

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