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Choosing the right garage door for your home: A Quick Guide

Garage doors are quite hard to miss. You see them every time, and even the guests get a good view of it whenever they park their car. A garage door can spoil or enhance the way your home looks from the outside.

In case you’re thinking of sprucing up the home’s exteriors, you may need a new garage door. Garage doors are not just meant for making the exteriors look great – they have a major function.

Many factors need to be considered when choosing the right garage door. It has to be stylish and practical. Keep reading to find out how you can choose the right garage door for your home.

The Ideal Size

The garage door should be 8-9 feet wide and 7-8 feet tall. If you are buying a double-car garage door, it would be 16 ft in width.

In the case of a tall vehicle, you would need a taller door. The best thing to do is – measure the garage entry and the height of your vehicle and then choose a garage door.

The Best Material and Style

If you are choosing a light material like wood or one layer of metal, it won’t be dent-proof. The kind of material you choose depends on the look you like. Metal, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum are some of the options you could choose from. Garage doors should be durable; thus, we suggest you buy insulated garage doors.

Portes de garage garex isolee can work well for your garage. The quality is top-notch and it offers durability and style too.

Speaking of different styles, you will find tri-fold, folding doors, classic panel style, carriage-style, and farm-house-inspired doors.

The good thing about insulated garage doors is that you will save energy and your vehicle and tools will remain safe in winters.

Choosing the color and finish

This is a personal test. You can opt for bold colors or something that matches the exterior of your home.

Please choose a color that complements the home’s aesthetic. The garage door manufacturer will help you make a decision.

Do you need windows?

Windows are not required, but they add some curb appeal and character. The garage will get natural light if there are windows.

You can choose from clear glass, insulated glass, tinted glass, and textured glass.

Are insulated garage doors worth it?

Absolutely! A lighter material with no insulation can make way for the cold wind. However, insulated garage doors help in reducing your energy costs. Also, they will keep your tools and vehicle safe from the chilly season.

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