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Celebrating pride month with pride accessories

Pride month celebrations are meant to remind you about the struggles that people of the LGBTQIA community face in political, social, and cultural spaces regularly. This year 2020 is the 50th anniversary of the pride month and is considered to be very special by the community. It is celebrated as a tribute to the people involved in the stonewall riots in New York in 1969. There are different types of festivals, parades, events, and celebrations going around in the world to mark the Gay right moments that happened in the wee hours of June 28th in 1969. All these are meant to create awareness about the struggles of the LGBTQIA+ community to gain acceptance in the society and also celebrate the spectrum that surrounds sexual orientation and gender identity.

The rainbow flag

You might be aware that the pride rainbow emblem was created in the year 1978. Though many flags represent the LGBTQ community like the Trans flag that is of light blue, light pink, and white and the bi flag that has pink, lavender, and blue. The rainbow flag represents the entire community, and every colour signifies aspects such as –

  • Orange- healing
  • Red- life
  • Green-serenity
  • Yellow-sun
  • Indigo-harmony
  • Turquoise-art
  • Violet-spirit

Therefore have gay pride accessories are colourful and feature the colours of the rainbow. You can access them to wear it over the entire pride moth as part of celebrations.

Making it special with accessories

The gay pride accessories that you can access include

Rainbow Sunglasses

The sunglasses that feature rainbow rims are quite attractive. When you wear them, it presents you seem super pleasant and attainable. They are ideal to be worn all through the pride month, which is in June when sunny days are ahead.

Rainbow bow tie

This is for those who like to wear smart. The rainbow stoop tie will be an effective addition if you are planning to go for a official event like a pride-ball. They are eye-catching, and you cannot stop yourself from taking selfie when you have them on. They are perfect add-ons to the three-piece black suit you might fancy wearing.

Rainbow sweatbands

The rainbow sweatband around your wrist or head makes you visible wherever you are. It is a nice technique to send the note of pride there. It gorgeous to look at and would be one of the best and effective pride month accessories that can top up your pride clothing.

Rainbow bag

The rainbow backpack is an accessory by itself and is a perfect option to carry the fabulous must-have accessories that you have purchased. It is stylish and easy to carry. It is one of the gay pride accessories that would be helpful when you are participating in the parades, events, and celebrations that are going on.

Rainbow Bracelet

There is hardly anything that does not look attractive in rainbow colors. The rainbow bracelet is no exception. It can add a pop of color to the outfit you are wearing and is an ideal keep forever, the gift you can give to your friends.

Rainbow ring

This is a perfect anniversary gift to symbolize gay pride. It is also a miniature detail that you can add to your outfit. The rainbow ring is made of stainless steel, but, you cannot ignore the message it carries or the slick and secure feel they render.

This is in no way an exhaustive list. There are several more on the offering. You have to have to browse through the list of accessories that are available to choose one that is meaningful, useful, and cost-effective

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