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Cat vs Cuisinart food processor (the cat won)

“Get another cat.” 

“It will be fine.”

These are the thoughts that ran through my head when I decided to add another cat to my household, and sometimes I look back and wonder what in the world I was thinking. I already had two cats who are both adults, so they’re relatively easy to deal with. I figured I already had  two, so what’s one more? When my friend told me that he’d found a little black kitten underneath his truck, I took one look at his tiny face and couldn’t say no. How could I leave this helpless little creature without a home?

I was obviously out of mind. I’d forgotten what little demons kittens can be. This guy wreaked havoc on my home. He’d take the toilet paper and rip it off the roll and drag it away. He’d jump on every countertop and surface he could find and try to steal food any time he could. And don’t mention the 3AM bursts of energy where he’d run across the house wildly, depriving me of much needed sleep.

But the one thing that drove me insane was the pure destruction he caused in my kitchen. My kitchen is my sanctuary. It’s where my family comes together for meals after a long day, or where I get to craft new cocktails for myself on the weekends to relax.

This cat was uncontrollable. He’d run all over the counter and (purposefully?) knock anything he could to the floor with his paw or tail. First it was small things like a clove of garlic or a spoon. Then it was the lids for my blender cups. But the worst was when I came home one night and found the bowl for my Cuisinart food processor lying cracked on the floor. I was furious!

I figured I was screwed and I’d have to shell out the money for a whole new unit even though I had just gotten this one in December as a present from my sister. I sadly sent her a picture of the cracked piece – but turns out she actually had a solution! She sent me back a link to her favorite site Kitchen Works Inc, where she’d been able to order Cuisinart food processor parts for her own device.

I checked and they actually had the exact bowl piece that I needed, ready to ship! Usually I hesitate to order anything online from retailers I don’t trust, but the best part about Kitchen Works Inc is that they order all their parts directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse, so I didn’t have to worry about parts not fitting or getting some cheap fake that wouldn’t last. I placed an order and got the new bowl piece delivered quickly, and it fit and worked perfectly when I tested it on my Cuisinart.

I’ve learned my lesson and don’t plan to buy anything breakable within kitten reach anymore, but at least I know if I ever need a replacement I can count on Kitchen Works Inc to save the day!

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