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At Our Houston Rehab, Discover the Connection between Acnes and Marijuana.

Weed, or cannabis, is the colloquial term for a dried leaf mixture made from the Cannabis sativa plant. There are many ways to ingest weed, including smoking it, drinking it in tea or other liquids, or eating it in cuisine and pastries. The principal psychoactive ingredient in cannabis is Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical found in the leaves and buds of female cannabis plants. Around 500 more THC-related chemicals known as cannabinoids lead to hallucinations, relaxation, and tiredness. Marijuana is widely believed to be non-addictive and harmless. However, studies have shown that it can cause physical dependence, and so many people who have used it have reported undesirable side effects or “bad trips.”

Does Smoking Pot Cause Acne?

Skyward Treatment Center receives inquiries like, “Does smoking cannabis cause acne?” regularly. In many instances, yes.  We’re going to look at why smoking, vaping, or ingesting marijuana can cause acne today.

Sebaceous glands may produce more oil due to an increase in testosterone levels, which may be caused by smoking or abusing marijuana. Acne can affect both women and men due to increased testosterone caused by marijuana use. Testosterone levels rise when THC, one of marijuana’s most famous cannabinoids, is consumed. Pot smokers have a slightly raised testosterone level, but the hormone only regularly climbs by 3-5 percent. Those already susceptible to acne should not smoke, consume, or vape cannabis.

What Is It About Smoking Weed That Triggers Acne?

Increased Stress Levels

According to High Times, another potential connection involving cannabis use and acne is increased stress levels. Some individuals who use cannabis report feeling tenser rather than calmer. Inflammation of the inner organs and skin can be caused by stress.

Mood Outbursts

Cannabis use is usually associated with binge eating. According to High Times, this is another possible cause of acne. Overproduction of insulin causes our skin to become inflamed, resulting in the formation of glycation, which worsens existing acne.

Age and Tobacco Use

Acne can take longer to heal if the aging is slowed down by any medication, even if there is no proven link between marijuana abuse and this condition. As a result, we’re left with a second, equally common concern. Is it possible to treat acne with marijuana? That’s not how it works. Aside from aggravating existing acne, this can also lead to the development of other inflammatory skin diseases.

Skyward Center Offers the Most Efficient Solutions to Marijuana Abusers

At Skyward Treatment Center in Houston, we discourage using any kind of drugs, even if it claims to be natural. In addition to causing acne, smoking marijuana has adverse effects on the brain and lungs. Nowadays, synthetic marijuana is the more widely available and commonly abused form of the drug, and it is significantly more dangerous. A synthetic substance known as “spice” contains various chemicals intended to produce more intense side effects than pure THC. It doesn’t matter if you’re abusing marijuana or meth. Find out more about our Houston drug treatment programs by calling Skyward Center immediately.

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