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An Overview of Gold Mining

The gold mining operations have played a crucial role in the country’s development, and its significance is undeniable on the macro-economic and community level. Gold mining operations are taking place in every continent except Antarctica, creating numerous opportunities for local communities. It is quite startling to know that the gold mining operations have declined, but still, it is benefiting the economy. There are many mining companies like Collective Mining and Newmont that are involved in gold mining.

Occurrence of Gold

Gold occurs mostly in its native state and remains chemically uncombined. However, it is also found in a combined state with tellurium, selenium, and bismuth. More often, gold occurs in association with copper and lead deposits, but the quantity of gold is in tiny fractions. There are two deposits containing a significant amount of gold that are hydrothermal veins and placer deposits. In hydrothermal veins, gold is found in association with quartz and pyrite. Hydrothermal veins are responsible for supplying much of the earth’s gold, and it has been an important target for exploration and resource development. Placer deposits are loosely consolidated and semi-consolidated materials formed by surface weathering, primary rock erosion, transportation, and concentration of valuable minerals.

Importance of Gold

Gold is emotionally, culturally, and financially associated with humans. Gold holds a higher position in terms of physical properties. It does not tarnish or corrode, and one can easily beat it into sheets. The strength and durability of gold are unmatchable. The metal is very conductive and reflective. For thousands of years, gold has been used to make attractive jewelry and ornamental objects due to its special properties. About half of all mined gold is molded into jewelry which is the single largest use of metal. Collective Mining stock is rising high because of gold mining. Another most significant quality of gold is its least reactive towards acids.

The Procedure of Gold Mining

After the discovery of deposits, gold mining processes are followed. Gold mining involves a series of processes required to extract gold resources. There are four main methods with which gold is mined. These are listed as follows:

  • Placer mining

This mining method is used for placer deposits composed of loose materials, making tunneling difficult. It involves processes such as panning, sluicing, dredging, etc.

  • Hard Rock mining

This mining method is used to extract gold that occurs in the rock. Underground or open-pit mining methods are incorporated depending upon conditions.

  • Byproduct mining

Gold may be found in association with other elements. In this mining method, gold is obtained as a byproduct.

  • Processing

There are two main types of processing for gold ore: cyanide process and mercury process. Cyanide processing is done for fine gold-bearing rocks. In another process, mercury is utilized for gold extraction by forming an amalgam.

In the End

Gold mining industries have facilitated and assured an easy flow of natural resources leading to technical progress at a great pace. It has created great employment opportunities for the locals. 


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