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A Career That Saves Lives: 3 Reasons Why You Should Become a Firefighter

Are you looking for a career that will challenge you and positively impact the world around you? Consider firefighting! Firefighters are truly special individuals who put their own safety on the line to protect others.

If you are ready to begin your career now, take an in-person or online firefighter training course to get started. Still debating? Here are three reasons you should become a firefighter.

1. Be a Guardian Angel

First and foremost, the best reason to become a firefighter is that you will save lives. If you find fulfillment in serving others, this career is for you. Individuals who thrive in high-pressure situations, have excellent communication skills, are team players, operate with integrity, and are fiercely dedicated to helping others—even strangers or people they dislike—tend to make good firefighters.

2. Protect Your Community

The duties of a firefighter encompass much more than battling flames day-in and day-out. In fact, almost 95% of calls made to fire departments are not about fires. About 65% of calls pertain to medical emergencies, meaning that all firefighters must have EMT training. Other non-emergency duties include equipment maintenance, administrative work, and building inspections. A primary goal of fire stations and fire-related organizations is community education. It is much easier and safer to prevent a fire than it is to fight one.

3. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

When you become a firefighter, you will be part of something greater than yourself. At the core of every fire station is its team that thrives on open communication, mutual support, and camaraderie. You will be eating, sleeping, and working with a group of exemplary women and men who share your values, your struggles, and your joys.

A career in firefighting isn’t for everyone. It is dangerous. The hours are long. The work is hard. Despite all that, the pros far outweigh the cons. Start looking for training opportunities available to you and find out if firefighting is your true calling.

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