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5 Tips to Take Care of the Lawn

For those who take care of their own garden, there is no greater satisfaction than having a green and lustrous lawn.

In this publication we will share five useful Lawn care tips to achieve a perfect lawn in our garden. In the event that you deal with your grass appropriately, it will be green and shiny consistently, and it will no uncertainty be the jealousy of the whole neighborhood. Accomplishing it is simple, as long as you pursue the accompanying tips:

1.- Regularly Prune the Lawn

Regular lawn mowing is very important as it helps thicken the grass. As for the cutting technique: little and often it is better than a lot and at once. Change the direction and the cutting pattern each time so that the roots of the grass are not pressed in the same direction. For each cut, the rule of thumb is to reduce the stem to about half or two thirds, about 5 centimeters. In the middle of summer, it is advisable to leave the grass a little longer, since it will better withstand periods of drought.

2.- Payment

When mowing the lawn many nutrients are lost in the grass and have to be replaced to obtain optimal growth. Therefore, from the beginning of spring it is advisable to fertilize the lawn every four or five weeks. Your lawn needs nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and you can find special lawn fertilizer mixtures for sale at your local garden dealer. The amount to be used is indicated on the fertilizer containers.

3.- Irrigation

If you want your lawn to be green and lustrous throughout the summer, it is very important to water it. The frequency of watering for your lawn depends on the temperature and humidity. When the grass needs water, it begins to acquire a bluish and grayish tone and the oldest leaves of the plant begin to curl or wither. If you have planted a new lawn, you will need to water it once a day so that the seeds can germinate and a strong root system can be formed. Nowadays, new technologies allow watering the lawn comfortably. You can irrigate your garden manually or automatically, with partial or total automation.

4.- Avoid Weeds

With persistence and the right tools, you can win the battle against your lawn weeds. Many of the weeds can be extracted by mechanical means. Smaller weeds (such as veronicas or white clover) can be extracted with a manual scarified, which is used to prevent and hinder their growth. Daisies and dandelions should be extracted with a root borer and it is very important to remove the maximum length from the root to prevent them from growing back. If there is still no way to make them disappear, you can resort to herbicides. If the bad roots have overcome the grass, the best solution is to re-structure the entire soil and cover it with turf on a roll.

5.- Raking the Lawn

The roots of the grass need air to breathe and grow. Often, the turf floor is not so sandy as to allow air to reach the roots and, as a result, growth does not develop. With the help of a simple rake you can make holes in the lawn and fill them with coarse sand. In this way, surface water can flow and transport oxygen to the roots. By raking, you can extract dead herbs and other debris from your lawn. If you remove the straw layer from your lawn, it will provide more space for the lower parts of the grass to breathe and make the stems grow better.

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