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5 Different Types of Casino Dice Games you should Play to Win Big Money

Whenever you think of games at the casino, you must think of cards and slot machines such as poker and blackjack. There is one more game in the casino which you can play, which is the online dice game which is often forgotten by gamblers or players who loves to play at the casino.

Although there is no doubt that craps are the most-played dice game in the casino, there are other options as well. Many other dice games may be played in casinos all around the world.

Let’s examine five of the most well-liked online dice casino games. Most of these dice games are available at the best online casinos.

The 5-most played dice games at the casino are:

The craps:

When it comes to dice games in casinos, craps reign supreme. Craps is a game that is present in almost all casinos, even those that offer services online. Craps can be a little daunting at first if you have never played. While there are more ways to bet in craps, the most popular ones are pass/don’t pass and come/don’t come bets.

Sic Bo: Sic Bo is a different enjoyable, and thrilling dice game that is played frequently and is offered at many casinos. It is a game with its origins in Asia and was well-liked there for many years. Some casinos in the United States began to offer to sic Bo or its derivatives for real money in the 1980s.

Although the game never gained as much popularity in America as it did in Asia, it is nevertheless accessible at most casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. To find it and other well-known Asian games, you might need to look in the Asian games room.

Klondike: The American frontier is where the game Klondike first appeared. Most land-based casinos do not now provide it, but certain tribal casinos might. This game might be offered by some online casinos, but don’t confuse it with Klondike solitaire because it’s a different game.

Your goal when playing Klondike is to roll a better set of dice than the banker or dealer. The possible hands are five of a kind, four of a kind, full house, three of a kind, two pairs, or one pair, arranged from best to worst. One is the best number in Klondike since it acts as an ace if you roll one.

Banca Francesca: Banca Francesa is another game that combines elements of two different games. Banca Francesa is comparable to playing baccarat with dice, while Klondike is like playing poker with dice. There are three possible bets, and you roll three dice to calculate your total.

The dice will be repeatedly rolled by the dealer until one of three potential combinations is obtained. You can wager on which combinations—a huge, small, or an ace—you believe will be dealt first.

If the dice’s total is between fourteen and sixteen, large bets will win if the total is between five and seven, little bets triumph. Both of those wagers have an equal payout. Particularly in Portugal, the game Banca Francesa is hugely popular. In Portugal, tables are available in all land-based casinos. You don’t have to go to Portugal to enjoy this entertaining game. The game was modified for an online format by a software provider for internet casinos. With Gaming1 software, you may now play Banca Francesa at any online casino.


During the American Civil War, the Australian dice game Chuck-a-luck gained enormous popularity there. The game is called sweat or sweat rag in some civil war allusions. This results from the soldiers not wanting to face the consequences of their gaming. A piece of cloth with the numbers one through six was used for their games.

To avoid being discovered gambling, they would fold up the material and claim to be using it as a sweat cloth while the commanding officer was approaching. You may play it at home with no problem because it is a really simple game to learn and play. The number on which the dice will land and how many dice will land on that particular number are the two things you want to wager on. All you need is a board with the numbers 0 to 6 and a set of three dice.


Although it is not a common game in the casino as the card games around the world and even in betting in India, only the craps are an exception. But then, online casinos allow players to try all the games at their site or on their app.

I hope you would have got a basic knowledge of the different dice games at the casino.

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