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3 Things To Do Before Letting Your Teen Drive

Driving is a rite of passage for teenagers. What adult doesn’t remember the joy of being handed the keys for the first time, experiencing the freedom of the open road? There is an absolute thrill about getting behind the wheel and realizing that the world is wide open and ready for exploration.

Before that big day comes, though, parents should take the time to lay down the law about appropriate behaviors and choices. The following are three things to do before that momentous occasion.

1. Discuss Emergency Procedures

It’s not just about your teen’s choices. Others are in cars, making their own decisions, and it’s possible that their driving could impact your kid. Make sure they know the answers to “What should I do after a car accident Houston TX?” After all, even adults struggle to think clearly during such chaos. 

Make a checklist of decisions for them. Remind them to get out of the road, call the police and seek medical help if needed. In addition, ensure that your driver knows where to locate insurance and registration information.

2. Add a Tracker to the Phone

Nowadays, technology can ease your mind about your teen’s driving behavior. Applications not only track where they are but how they are handling the car. You could get information about where they have been, what speed they went and whether they were following the driving laws. Use this to see that they are toeing the line.

3. Create a Driving Contract

Make driving less emotional and more professional. Write out a contract with your rules, and be clear that you expect them to be followed. If they aren’t, you have the right to take back the keys and refuse driving privileges.

Celebrate your teen’s arrival at a major stage, but also establish some boundaries. Remain in charge and set some ground rules to help make this transition safer for all.

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