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3 Reasons to Pursue a Contested Divorce

A divorce is an intricate process, full of twists and turns. If both spouses can fully agree on the terms of the divorce, obtaining an uncontested divorce is ideal. However, that’s not always possible. Here are some situations when a Contested Divorce Tampa might be the best choice. 

Child Support and Custody 

Divorces that involve children include financial and custodial agreements that must be ironed out. One spouse might feel that he or she is entitled to a certain amount of child support while the other might feel the requested amount is excessive. Additionally, there may be disagreements regarding how to divide the children’s time between the parents. As there is likely intense emotion involved in decisions regarding children, sometimes it is better to have a neutral party decide what is best for the children. 

Hidden Assets

If you suspect your spouse is not forthcoming with finances, you want to avoid taking his or her word on what’s going on. Even if you don’t have a reason to suspect dishonesty, if you have been fairly unknowledgeable about your household’s finances, there may be more assets available than you realize. Undergoing the discovery process required in a contested divorce will prevent you from leaving the marriage without gathering everything that is owed to you. 

Division of Property 

The more property owned between divorcing spouses, the more room there is for disputes. During the marriage, your spouse may have taken a second job to pay for a luxury vehicle, but the car isn’t technically one person’s. Likewise, just because someone puts more sweat equity into the home, doesn’t mean that person gets a larger share of the financial equity. If you or your spouse feels that property is being unfairly divided, you might not be able to reach a resolution on your own. 

Contested divorces include more steps than uncontested divorces but often are the best choice. If spouses disagree on key factors, a judge or mediator must step in to resolve these issues. 

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