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Why Buying a New Home is a Fantastic Idea?  

Buying a new home can be very overwhelming especially if you are doing this for the first time. There is this feeling of peace of mind when one buys a fully furnished home. Paying rent becomes a thing of the past. Different home sellers have different home designs. This includes the Pier 11. However, before you purchase your new home, there are few things you need to know.

What to consider before buying a new home

  • Nearby emergency services

The distance between your home and the nearest emergency services do matter. It is highly recommendable to look for a home that is positioned near a fire station, hospital and police station.

  • Surroundings

The environment near your home does matter. Know your nearby neighbors. Also, check out the nearby developments in your locality. This includes roads, environmental cleanliness etc.

  • Transportation

Is there any available public transportation such bus transport? Check whether the roads are easily accessible. Walking paths are also necessary. They will enhance the security of pedestrians (mostly kids) on the roads.

These are just but a few major factors that you need to consider. You should also choose a home that meets your personal interests.

Why do I need a new home?

This is one of the most common questions that linger in our minds as we try to look for new homes. Here are some of the things you should consider so as to get your final decision.

  • Someone gets peace of mind

The fact that any new home has a warranty, gives the buyers peace of mind. Many home contractors offer a thorough home inspection before selling the house. We, the Genesis Company, offer warranties from Travelling insurance. This will cover any defects in the house labor and material for one year.

  • Present- day designs

Most of the newly built homes always have a taste of fashion and style. A good architect or home planner will consider offering his/her customers good modern amenities. This includes walk-in oversized kitchens, open concept living, flexible layouts etc.

  • Energy saving

Conserving energy is one of the most emphasized strategies across the world. New homes have better ways of conserving energy compared to the traditional homes. This can be through using eco-saving electronics

  • Less maintenance cost

New homes only need the basic care methods and you are good to go. However, it is the duty of the customer to ensure that the new home is properly furnished before moving in. in case of any issues; the home seller should take care of it, at least for the first one year.

  • Safety

It is the duty of home contractors to ensure that the new homes are well fitted with the latest building codes. This includes safety glasses, carbon monoxide detectors, electric circuit protectors etc. This should be among the reasons why you want to move into a new home.

  • It is very much healthy

Home contractors have come up with strategies that should consider offering you a healthy environment in your home.Some new homes have little toxic or no toxic materials. This leads to a better living and better air quality.

Need to buy a new home?

The Genesis is the best option for you. Contact us today and find out more about our latest home designs and amazing offers in store.

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