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How to Make the Most Out of Your Barcelona Tour?

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations that tourists prefer to visit in Europe. It has always been a very lively city where the crowd is much more welcoming than any other place. The city welcomes you with world-class food, tourist galore, and exotic sceneries. Any tourist coming here won’t feel left out at all.

Take a free walking tour

Free walking tours are the best about traveling in Barcelona. It is a pretty wonderful way of getting to know a new city. You will always find ways to find your way around and explore the city in the traveler style. You will get to know the history of the place better by meeting new people and locals. You can also hire a guide who can take you through the city nicely.

Freely roam in Barri Gotic

Every traveler who visits the city has their hearts lost in the old Gothic Quarter. This part of the town becomes favorite mostly because of the oldest touches present here. There are Roman walls standing tall across this place and medieval buildings are connected by sultry lanes. Most of the travelers find the lanes more enthralling. You can also find some bars along to spend a few quality hours here.

From here, you can go to several other places that are nearby:

  • Barcelona history museum- This city proudly boasts several culturally-rich museums that will take you back in time. This museum also has 4000 square meters of Roman ruins situated just beneath the place. You can also avail a free and detailed audio guide to understand the exhibits in detail.
  • The Grand Royal Palace- The Palau Reial Major is a 700-year-old palace that was once the home to the kings of Aragon. The visitors will get a detailed review of life across Barcelona stretching over centuries.
  • Chapel of Santa Ágata- This chapel was built around 1302 and is a direct part of the Museum of the History of Barcelona. Its inside is most interesting and adorns beautiful paintings and relics from across the Middle Ages.

La Boqueria

This public market is surely going to steal your attention for it has a wide array of amazing food stalls and restaurants. This has been here for hundreds of years and has a beautiful iron entrance.

Roam around the city to explore the unexplored by booking the Barcelonian tours today.

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