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3 Things to Remember When You’re Being Sued

Lawsuits — the last thing anybody wants to deal with. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself being served with a subpoena, you may feel stressed and overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are things you can keep in mind that can help you get through the process.

You Have a Right to An Attorney

According to the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, you absolutely have the right to legal counsel and a fair trial. This means you have the right to an attorney that can defend you in a court of law. Whether you work with a court-issued attorney or choose to explore all the legal services Lynnwood WA has to offer, you are entitled to help from a professional defender.

You Should Get Copies of Everything

Evidence is king in the courtroom, so it’s very important that you have as much documented proof as possible to help in your case. Make sure to get ahold of any paperwork that may pertain to your case, and ask for copies of any documents if you feel they would help secure your success. The worst anyone can say is no, and the benefit of having proof to support your claims is priceless.

Your Words May Be Used Against You

Evidence can also be taken from what you or anyone else in the case says, so be wise about what you have to say and who you speak with. If you’re not sure what information you should be sharing or withholding, request that your lawyer be present before proceeding any further.

No matter what side of the case you’re on, you have inalienable rights. Remember to consult with a lawyer or other legal counselor you trust, and above all, do your best to keep a level head. Handling a court case is much easier when you’re calm, cool and collected.

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