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Comprehensive Guide to P.E. Nation: Background, Sizing, and Collaborations

More than ever before, athleisure clothing is the staple of our wardrobes. We wear it to exercise, rest, shop, and work; thus, we must invest in high-quality clothing in which we have faith. The P.E. Nation concept is based on “excellent design and workmanship while giving trend ahead, comfortable clothing,” which is seen in each season.

The P.E. Nation is powerful, brave, and always ahead of the fashion curve, thanks to its bold, stunning shapes, vibrant colours, and throwback track vibes. Wardrobe envy aside, in a year when being a woman is being honoured more than ever, the value of a great fitness brand made by women for women is undeniably significant.

Furthermore, P.E.’s style was swiftly set in its early years, with every collection including dramatic stripes and colour blocking to extend and flatter in the correct areas. Learn more about the brand, including its history, sizing guidelines and charts, and some of its collaborations.

P.E. Nation Background

P.E. Nation is an active Australian streetwear brand launched in Sydney in 2015 by Claire Tregoning and Pip Edwards. Its purpose is to mould your lifestyle to make you courageous, healthy, independent, strong, and unique.

The brand designs sports luxury apparel and activewear Australia for a fast-paced urban lifestyle, intended to perform all day, every day. Its most recent collection has athleisure-inspired items, such as arena sports bras, track record tanks, seamless shorts, full-court jackets, and hooded blazers.

P.E. Nation’s strategy is geared on producing fashion-forward, comfy, and trendy clothing with superior design and manufacturing. It produces recycled, eco-friendly, low-impact, and conscientious clothing. The brand supports sustainability and environmental preservation.

Everything Else You Must Know Regarding The P.E. Nation

P.E Nation is owned by Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning, who formerly worked together at Sass and Bide, an Australian apparel brand worn by international celebrities. The Australians participate in several parts of their brand and share the position of Creative Director.

Although the assumption that P.E stands for physical education allegedly helped Pip Edwards choose the name, the co-founders initials are cited in ‘P.E Nation.’

In 2020, P.E. Nation pledged to collaborate with Australian manufacturers on cut-and-sew items and to survey potential partners for Australian cotton, Australian cotton milled in Australia, and Australian-made products. Their ultimate goal is to source and manufacture their items locally.

P.E Nation Sizing Guide

Learn all you need to know about P.E. Nation sizes, including leggings, shorts, sweatshirts, ski gear, and more.

P.E. Nation Bottoms

Whether you live in leggings, jeans, joggers, or shorts, P.E. Nation has a pair of functional bottoms (available in recycled nylon, organic cotton, and other materials) for you. Unless you like a more snug fit, we recommend ordering one size larger.

P.E. Nation Hoodies

The P.E Nation jackets represent the playful side of the athleisure brand with their strong lettering, eccentric accents, and plenty of vibrant hues. What size should you choose? You should acquire P.E. Nation jackets in your exact size.

P.E. Nation Athletic Bras

P.E Nation is renowned for their versatile, modern sports bras that are ideal for grocery store errands and home exercises. Similar to P.E Nation’s shirts, the brand’s sports bras are true to size. However, if that does not assist, be sure to verify the size of the model in the product descriptions.

P.E. Nation Tops

P.E Nation provides distinctive twists on a variety of top designs, including tanks and base layers, as well as hoodies and sweatshirts. As you would expect, the fit of the top will be determined by the cut and material of the garment. However, you can be assured that your real size should be sufficient. That is, unless you want an enormous fit, in which case you may consider sizing up.

P.E. Nation Sizing Chart

Apparel Size Guide
AU 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
US 2 4 6 8 10 12 14
UK 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
EU 34 36 38 40 42 44 46

P.E. Nation Collaborations

P.E. Nation has also launched several delectable collaborations, such as:

P.E. Nation x Speedo

Pip and Claire can’t go wrong, particularly when it comes to designing a collection for the legendary Speedo brand. Speedo is a well-known Australian brand with a natural affinity for the beach and the pool. Following the framework of fashionable sports clothing, the range comprises items that are both comfortable and of high-quality design and craftsmanship. The Speedo collaboration seems old but current enough for a 2019 audience, much like when you go vintage shopping and uncover a fantastic item from a historic brand.

P.E. Nation x D.C. Shoes

Athleisure should include all aspects of sports, so why wouldn’t the geniuses behind P.E. Nation design a line just for the snow? This collection consists of comfy clothing ranging from winter coats to slacks, costing between $108 and $380. Find stunning colour blocking in traditional colours such as white, black, and orange.

P.E. Nation x Woolmark

One of the most renowned P.E. collaborations. P.E. Nation is an eight-piece Merino wool activewear and knitwear capsule created in collaboration with Woolmark. The collection incorporates the brand’s aesthetic into a range that includes everything from leggings and tees to streetwear-inspired hoodies and amusing overalls.

The most amazing aspect of this collection is that it is created entirely of natural, renewable, and biodegradable Merino wool fibre. The collection is available for purchase online and at P.E. Nation Australia retailers.

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