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A child’s bedroom flooring options

A child’s bedroom is one of the most used areas of a house and the flooring has to be able to withstand heavy demands, as children are not particularly careful and could drop food, drink or paints on it. Here we look at the top flooring options and the benefits they can offer.

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Typically bedrooms have carpets laid in them, as this is the softest type of flooring and offers a warm and comforting environment for children. It’s ideal for preventing injuries if children were to fall or trip and is good for sitting on to play or read.

One of the other benefits of carpet is that it can act as an insulator against the noise that children create when playing, running or jumping.

However, there are downsides to fitting a carpet, especially if your child is prone to spilling things, as it can be hard to clean and will attract more dust and dirt, which can be a problem for allergy sufferers.


Laminate flooring is a good choice for children’s bedrooms as it’s extremely hard wearing and resistant to moisture, wear and tear and scratches, so can stand up to the demands of children playing with their toys on the floor. If anything is spilt onto laminate it can easily be wiped or swept up without causing any damage.

Laminate, which can be bought from a number of suppliers, is a cost effective option, particularly when compared to real wood flooring. This is useful for a child’s room, where it will encounter heavy traffic on a daily basis and they might want to change the design after a few years.

This type of flooring won’t have the same aesthetic look as hardwood and you might need to add in some rugs to make it feel warmer in the winter.


Another option that is good for children’s rooms is vinyl, which is low maintenance and inexpensive, so it can easily be cleaned when necessary. Vinyl is extremely difficult to damage and is resistant to water and stains, so won’t be spoilt by any food, drink or art materials that are spilt.

These benefits make it a good choice, but there are environmental issues with the use of vinyl, especially in the manufacturing process, which might put some homeowners off using it.

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