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3 things to remember when dealing with hazardous substances in your products

It is common knowledge that electronics and electrical appliances contain hazardous substances like mercury, lead, etc. As a person who is trading these appliances, you should be worried about the percentage of the permissibility of such substances in those countries you wish to establish a trade relationship with.

With the advent of the RoHS policy, most nation-states have imposed strict regulations on the use of hazardous substances. 

The electronics and electrical appliances industry has been the worst hit with the RoHS policy. Now, they are bound to adhere to the limitations set by the policy. 

But looking at the bigger picture, the RoHS policy is truly a lifesaver. If such a policy was not implemented, then the Earth would have suffered to an unimaginable extent. All the hazardous electronic and electrical appliance waste would have been the reason for the peril of mankind. 

How can the RoHS certificate help your business?

The RoHS certificate can be your ticket to do international business with RoHS-compliant countries. 

The most important thing to remember is that the RoHS certificate is not something you can put together on your own. Expert agencies are to be consulted to build an RoHS certificate for your product. 

Some agencies have their preset templates like the Enviropass RoHS compliance template which can be of help while drafting a new certificate for your product. 

An RoHS certificate is necessary to prove that your product is within the bandwidth of tolerance prescribed by the regulation so that you can freely trade with RoHS-compliant countries.

Some points to ponder

Drafting an RoHS certificate is easy if you have an experienced agency that can assist you to draft a loophole-free certificate. 

To do that, the agency will require maximum input about the product from your end.

Always remember the following points while drafting your certificate.

  1. Make sure that the details in the RoHS draft are strictly true to your knowledge.
  2. Different countries have different RoHS rules. So, never rely on a single RoHS certificate if you have plans to do business with multiple countries.
  3. Make regular iterations in the RoHS certificate since the rules can change spontaneously. Depend on your agency to do this work for you.

These are some of the important points to ponder while preparing an RoHS certificate for your company. An RoHS certificate can be a boon in disguise. So, do the needful at the earliest to enjoy a hassle-free trade with RoHS-compliant countries.

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