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Whatever you always wishes to know about VPN

VPN or a virtual private network extends across shared or public network. You can exchange data anonymously and securely across the internet just like you were connected to a private network. The information that travels between a VPN server and a connected device such as smartphone, computer, and tablet is encrypted and therefore, the applications that run on VPN network offers the benefits of functionality, security, and strength of any private network. Many people may not know that the Wi-Fi network at home can be unsafe just like public Wi-Fi. You need additional security layers to keep cybercriminals, hackers, and data thieves far away. 

When you are traveling or at home and you are connected to a Wi-Fi minus a VPN, you will be connected to a shared or a public network via your internet service provider. It means the information that you send is public. ISP can see the information that you are accessing and thus, they can control your content and can censor and block websites. Cybercriminals and hackers can swipe your personal information including bank account numbers, credit cards, personal data, and passwords that you will not want to disclose and can commit fraud using it. So, public Wi-Fi connection without VPN is unsafe. 

Hides your location and IP address

When you use VPN 大陸, you borrow the physical location and IP address of a VPN’s server. This way, you do not reveal your personal information. Additionally, as many individuals use the server, it becomes very difficult to separate your data from the data of others. It is important to change the IP address. If your IP address is exposed, any person will be able to track your location. You should know how an IP address works and the way to protect yourself through a VPN. 

Kill switch

You can use a VPN, which offers the protection of a Kill Switch. There is an issue of a security vulnerability, which can reveal your personal information once you lose your VPN connection, even it may be for a few seconds. You can get the proper solution once you are protected through a Kill Switch. This switch does not allow sending of data to the internet till the time you have a secure VPN connection. When a VPN software lacks Kill Switch, the system may leak all your personal information and you may not know it. Using Kill Switch, you stay remain protected with a few clicks. 


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