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What to Know About Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation is a crucial benefit that protects workers who suffer injuries while on the job. If you recently filed a claim and were denied, you may have questions. How can a claim be denied? Can you appeal the decision? Here is what you need to know.

Why Claims Are Denied

denied workers compensation claim Oregon employees fear may occur for several reasons. Some reasons that the insurance company may give for denying a claim include:

  • Late applications
  • Claims that you contributed to the injuries
  • Lack of witnesses
  • A dispute from the employer
  • Failure to show medical records

You need to be able to prove that you were injured at work and that you deserve workers’ compensation. When you file a claim, it is important to include all necessary information. If you’re denied, however, this is not the end of your case.

How to File an Appeal

If you want to file an appeal, you have to send a letter to the address provided in the denial letter. You would fill out a hearing request form to submit it. Once you file an appeal, you have to be clear and focused when it comes to addressing the issues at hand. When you file an appeal, it is not necessarily a simple procedure. Odds are that the insurance company will fight you on your claim and you need to be ready to fight against the company’s argument. This is where a worker’s compensation attorney can help you. When you have strong legal representation, you are more likely to win your case.

It is possible to have your workers’ compensation claim denied. When this happens, you may feel at a loss. Don’t give up just yet, however. You can appeal the decision. While a complex process, it may seem more simple when you have a lawyer that can help you with the case.

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