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What Kind of Nightlife Does El Paso Have?

If you are planning a trip or a move to El Paso, you may have already started to research the best attractions and restaurants in the area. However, if you also enjoy going out after dark, you will need to pinpoint the best nightlife spots in the city.

El Paso has a lot going on after dark, and depending on the vibe you are going for, you will have plenty of choices for planning your evenings out. Consider these nightlife options in The Sun City:


One thing you have to catch in El Paso is one of the city’s amazing sunsets. If you want a drink or cocktail with your view, you can head to The International (INTL). There are also plenty of other great bars in the city to enjoy after sundown.

If you like craft beers, head to DeadBeach Brewery. If you want the vibe of an Irish Pub, check out Erin’s Bar. If you want a choice of beer or mixed drinks, try Hope and Anchor, with an amazing and unique mixed drink menu. For a similar vibe, you can also try Later Later. With all these amazing options for drinks, you will never be looking for a new bar to try.


If you and your friends are in more of a high energy mood, you can check out one of El Paso’s many clubs. For drinks and dancing, head to Little Bit of Texas (Lil Bit). If you want to add food to the equation and also possibly a live band versus a DJ, you can check out Raves Club.

If you are in the mood for a laugh, you can go to one of El Paso’s great comedy clubs. Try The Comic Strip or Laughterhours Comedy. There are so many clubs in El Paso, you will just need to decide which fits your vibe for the night.


There is also a lot to do in El Paso after dark besides bars and clubs. For a unique experience, you can head to Puff Social Hookah and Cocktail Lounge. If you are having a late night and looking for some amazing food after dark, some top restaurants to check out in El Paso include: Taft Diaz, Julio’s Mexican Food, Chico’s Tacos and L&J Cafe.

If you are in El Paso during the summer, also be sure to check out some of their amazing festivals, like Viva El Paso. If you are there in the spring, you can also check out the Country Club Night Market for a unique nightlife experience.

If you love the nightlife in El Paso, and can’t imagine being away from it, make your trip permanent, since there are plenty of El Paso houses for sale. You can choose a home or an apartment nearest to your favorite nightlife spots, so you can have great nightlife experience all year long. You will be able to enjoy your favorite bars, clubs, restaurants, and events whenever you please.

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