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What is the Benefit of Having a Resource Center?

When you have been diagnosed with illnesses that have been covered under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act, you would be eligible with all kinds of benefits offered by the federal government for taking care of your health. These benefits would be offered by the EEOICPA to employees of the Department of Energy. These employees would be working on any of the 300+ sites across the nation during the cold war. It would be pertinent to mention here that these employees should be diagnosed with illnesses and medical conditions covered by the EEOICPA to avail the benefits.

There have been several aspects to consider when looking forward to filing the claim with the energy employees occupational resource center. You should rest assured that these resource centers have been specifically designed to cater to your specific needs and requirements in the best manner possible. These resource centers would help you file the claim. You would be required to search for the nearest resource center to file the claim with ease. There have been approximately 11 resource centers that could be reached in person and over the phone. Therefore, you should look forward to choosing the right resource center suitable for your specific needs and requirements with ease. These resource centers would be able to handle your needs of filing the claim without any hassle.

The resource centers have been specifically designed to provide appropriate forms for the claimants. The claimant would be required to avail the form from the resource center, fill it, and submit it with the resource center. You should rest assured that the resource center would also help file the claim form, retrieve the necessary documents such as employment records, exposure records, and medical records. You could also hire the services of an attorney for filing the claim in the right manner.

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