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Thyroid Surgery In Los Angeles

The thyroid gland produces hormones that help regulate major functions within the body, including the regulation of metabolism. When the thyroid gland produces hormones, those hormones are transported to every tissue within the body via the bloodstream.

Considering the major role of the thyroid gland, it is likely easy to understand the importance of proper diagnosis and treatment of any thyroid disorder. Treatment for thyroid-related conditions depends upon the specific condition, extent of the condition and other factors that vary among individual patients.

Your endocrinologist works with you to implement a treatment plan after diagnosis. This likely means taking medication, undergoing further evaluation or undergoing surgery. Offering thyroid surgery in Los Angeles, The Surgery Group of Los Angeles utilizes the latest, most-advanced surgical techniques while treating the person, not simply the condition.

Why Do I Need Thyroid Surgery?

The American Thyroid Association explains that there are four primary reasons for thyroid surgery, including:

  • Presence of a potentially cancerous thyroid nodule
  • Presence of a nodule or goiter due to the thyroid gland producing and releasing excess thyroid hormone, as in the case of Grave’s disease or a toxic nodule
  • A diagnosed nodule or goiter causing an unsightly mass, difficulty swallowing or compression of the trachea
  • A thyroid cancer diagnosis

Removing benign nodules becomes necessary if the nodule is large, increases in size after diagnosis, causes difficulty swallowing or ongoing discomfort. Whether to surgically remove a nodule is a decision made between each patient and endocrinologist.

Board certified surgeons at The Surgery Group of Los Angeles have expertise in a number of surgical disciplines, provide exceptional care for as long as you need their expertise, before and after your thyroid surgery in Los Angeles.

How Do I Choose A Thyroid Surgeon?

Surgeons who regularly perform thyroid surgeries have the experience to perform surgery with the expert precision and care needed and to provide the professional care needed after thyroid surgery.

Using the most advanced surgical techniques available, your surgeon at The Surgery Group of Los Angeles performs your surgery in a way that minimizes trauma and pain and lowers your risk of complications.

What If I Have Questions About My Surgery?

Asking questions helps you understand your specific thyroid problem, the reasons you need surgery and your care after surgery.

A good surgeon welcomes a patient’s questions.

An article in Empower Your Health points out that it is also okay to ask questions such as how many thyroid operations the surgeon performs a year. The article author explains that surgeons performing thyroid surgeries regularly “Generally have better results,” compared to surgeons who perform fewer thyroid surgeries.

Your surgeon at The Surgery Group of Los Angeles follows up with you after surgery, providing the same expert care you received before your thyroid surgery in Los Angeles.





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