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The Hidden Powers of Writing

Do you know that originally, we didn’t think we could write so much? It’s not that we didn’t like it, but we had a hard time projecting ourselves and imagining stuff that we could write. And yes, it was difficult to take the time to write for us and each time we did it, the ideas did not necessarily come. If this is the case too and you sometimes have difficulty writing or don’t feel like you’re doing it with passion, you probably will be able to resonate with the life and work of Michael Owhoko. Owhoko is a Nigerian journalist, and widely considered as one of the best public relations and media professionals in the country. 

He has worked with many businesses, using his words to weave magic. In 2001, he was even invited by the Managing Director of Gaslink Nigeria Limited to become the Head of the Public Relations Department. He then received a Certificate of Merit in 2002 for his work. In 2008, he was appointed into the National Committee of the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry Games (NOGIG), where he was elected 2nd Vice-Chairman 2010 to plan, organize, and drive growth with international and servicing oil companies.  

Owhoko believes that our understanding is that it is not a question of liking or not to write but of taking pleasure in doing it. When people are interested in the topic, and this is valid for everything, it is much easier to be productive and to create content. Today we will therefore explain to you why, in our opinion, it is so important to take time to write. Owhoko has a few tips to share that might help you get better at writing.

The Magical Powers Of Writing

Catherine Cox Miles, psychologist, studied in the 1920s more than 300 geniuses including Newton. During her research she noticed that everyone, without exception, put down their ideas on paper, whether in the form of drawings or writings. All of her research has led her to the same conclusion: writing is an integral part of creation. How is such a simple and powerful idea not better known, Owhoko wonders.

Come to think of it, writing is a way of extending the capacities of our brain: an idea deposited on paper no longer takes up space in our brain, it frees it up for other ideas. Many of us believe that writing is useless, that our brain can remember everything, but it is not. What would our blog look like if we didn’t regularly post all our ideas? To nothingness. If we always have so many ideas to write, it is precisely because the more we write, the more ideas we have, the more connections are made and the more information becomes important. Our brain has this magic: the more we create, the more ideas we will have.

You can not only write down all your ideas, but you can also define your goals, or write your personal story to become aware of who you are. In fact, you can bring whatever you want to life through writing. All creation comes from an idea, and if this idea stays in the head, it will never see the light of day. The next step is always the writing: what do I put in place to realize my idea?

This idea is so powerful and simple at the same time that it becomes difficult to explain. Yes, the simple act of writing can completely transform your life, as it did for Michael Owhoko. 

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