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Night Culinary Spots for Halal Food Lovers from Medan

Many people love to find the tasty culinary and cuisines in Medan. If you are one of those people and you consider yourself as the halal food lovers from Medan, you will need to try some of these spots in Medan. That is because all of these spots offer you the halal foods that you can try in Medan. Of course, since these spots are the best spots for your night culinary, you will need to visit these spots at night. If you are curious, here are some of those spots that you can find in Medan for your nigh culinary travel.

  • The first one is Warkop Elizabeth Medan. Warkop in Indonesia stands for Warung Kopi, coffee shop. This one is the local term of the traditional coffee shop that you can find in Indonesia. Even though the name is Warkop, you can make sure that you will get the tasty coffee that you can find in Medan. The menus that you can find on this coffee shop are modern enough so that you will not find the all black coffee menu on this coffee shop.
  • The second one is Sate Padang Al-Fresco. Yes, this culinary has the real traditional taste of Padang even though the restaurant is located in Medan. This spot can be considered as one of the safest spots where you can get the halal culinary in Medan since the main ingredient that you will get from the Sate Padang is beef. Therefore, you will not need to think twice if you want to spend your night on this restaurant.
  • The third one is Pagaruyung. Basically, Pagaruyung is not a name of a restaurant, but it is a spot. In here, you can find a lot of different culinary tents that you can find based on your need. There are tens of sellers on this area and most of them offer you the tasty foods that you will surely regret if you miss them. However, since there are a lot of food stalls on this area, you need to make sure you choose the one with the halal sign since you are a Moslem.
  • The last one is Soto Kesawan Medan. This one might not be something that you can find at night, but this restaurant is put on the list because of the taste that you will never want to miss. This restaurant can be considered as one of the best restaurants that you can find in Medan. As an addition to that, the price on this restaurant is totally affordable for many customers.

Those are some nice spots where you can simply visit at night in Medan if you are looking for the night culinary in Medan. With all of those spots that you can find at night in Medan, you can make sure that your night culinary travel will be something totally attractive. Therefore, you should also try hunting for some nice and tasty culinary in Medan at night that is halal of course.

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