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Know the life of every student by watching ‘Pressure Cooker’ Movie Online at Aha

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Looking to watch the ‘pressure Cooker’ movie online?

Pressure Cooker has the best story where you can stream a student life and the director describes in the beautiful version. It also has comedy to entertain the audience who visualize it. You can stream this Pressure Cooker movie at Aha platform without any sort of disturbance.

Story line

The movie Pressure Cooker was directed with a combination of Sujoi and Sushil. The movie is about how youngsters have their life in the young stage of their life.

Actor Sai Ranok is named as Sai Kishore in the movie. The movie runs around his life. He is educated and wants to lead his life by doing a job but his father dreams to send his son abroad to do the job and settle there. But Kishore is not at all interested in doing a job abroad. He wants to do business and settle in India. He faces a lot of problems in getting his graduation. To know the full story of the movie watch Pressure Cooker movie at Aha.

Artists Performance

Actor Sai Ronak has acted with patience to show a youngster role. PreethiAsrana has also shown her class acting in the movie by making beautiful actions whenever needed in the movie. Other cast have also acted in their given roles and fulfilled their director’s wish.

Technical Aspects

The Director has used the conditions well to showcase the movie in a beautiful version. Locations have been selected well for the best description of the movie. BDM has been so attractive to get the movie in a good version. Cinematography is ok. Camera has also worked brilliantly for shooting the moves of the actor perfectly.


  1. The movie Pressure cooker has the best story where youngsters feel that the director has shown their life’s very well.
  1. Songs have been composed very well by the music director to get the movie successful in the audience’s mind.
  1. The cast has acted very well according to their roles given and also made comedy scenes wherever they are required.

Cast and crew

Actor: Sai Ronak

Actress: PreethiAsrani

Other characters: Rahul Ramakrishna, Jhansi, Sangeetha

Director: Sujoi, Susheel

Producer: Sujoi, Susheel

Music director: Sunil Kashyap, Rahul Silpliganj

Release date: 21st February 2020


The movie Pressure movie has a good theme and the director has shown it in the descriptive way to understand better to the audience who visualize it. Comedy has also been created very well to get the audience get entertained.

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