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Kayak Fishing Tips For The New Enthusiast

You will need an ocean kayak of a reasonable size to hold your belongings and fishing gear for kayak fishing. Be sure that you’ll be able to manoeuvre and reach your equipment both in front and behind you. A sit-in craft of at least twelve feet in length is ideal. Make sure that it will be comfortable to sit in for several hours at a time.


Buy a high-quality paddle with a leash securing it to the boat. You might be tempted to get a cheaper paddle, but these break easily and are heavy. You do not want me stuck out away from the shore without a paddle!

Fishing Gear

Anglers tend to acquire a lot of “stuff,” and the kayak angler must be able to sort out what isn’t essential and have enough space for his kayak fishing accessories. Rod holders should be rigged on the back of the craft for trolling and one in the front to place the “fish on” rod when needing to manoeuvre the boat.

When you go fishing in a kayak, you will need to pack all the necessary fishing tackle, such as reels, lines, lures, and other types of fish bait. If the kayak does not have self-draining scuppers, take a bilge pump to drain water if necessary. Last but not least, take along some waterproof bags with a radio and a set of dry clothes.


Of all the kayak fishing tips, safety is the most important. Never leave shore without wearing an approved personal flotation device. Your kayak should be of a bright colour for high visibility to the other boaters and hold a flagpole with a bright orange flag as extra insurance. Always take more water than you think you’ll need, a hand-held compass, and a signalling device.

There’s always the chance of rolling over when out in a kayak. If you go under the water, you’ll need suitable clothing. It would help if you went for quick-drying materials like polyester instead of heavier materials like cotton. It’s likewise a sensible idea to have extra clothing if space allows.

Kayak Fishing is not easy, especially in a large body of water. It is advisable to take lessons and learn expert kayaking tips to be safe. Check the weather forecast and water safety information before kayaking. In case of any possible adverse weather conditions, postpone your trip until the weather improves.

Kayak Fishing Techniques

Fishing techniques are similar no matter what craft you’re fishing from but hooking and retrieving fish from a kayak requires additional skills. When setting the hook, try to have the fish directly in front of the craft, play them slowly and retrieve them with a net or a lip grabber. If you have enough space, a soft ice chest is ideal for fish you plan to keep.

This post offers a brief overview of what is needed for kayak fishing. Do not forget to use a life jacket, as safety comes first as with any type of fishing.

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