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Everything You Must Know About Yogyakarta Airport

Would you need to learn how to get to Yogyakarta city centre (from Yogyakarta global airport) without having to be concerned about scams? This thing may have crossed your mind. Don’t worry my friends. Adisucipto International Airport of Yogyakarta Airport is one of the most friendly airports in Indonesia. Yogyakarta Airport is the third Largest airport in Java (Later Soekarno–Hatta International Airport at Jakarta and Juanda International Airport (SUB) in Surabaya). Because Yogyakarta is among the most visited towns in Indonesia, the airport is so active. We will share with you seven facts and tips about Yogyakarta Airport. We expect it will give you more confidence to make a holiday in Yogyakarta.

Airports in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta airport (code: JOG) is located in the eastern region of the town and approximately 6 km from the town centre. It is quite excellent to examine the arrival and departure information. There are two terminals in JOG airport, terminal A and terminal B. The distance between the terminals would be 300 meters. They have a shuttle bus, but it is easier to walk from one terminal to another terminal if you don’t carry a great deal of stuff.

There’s another airport in Yogya (in Kulon Progo). This airport is not yet completely operational. The official name of the airport would be Yogyakarta International Airport (code: YIA). This airport is situated 45 km from the city centre. It takes 1,5-2 hours to drive in the new airport in Kulon Progo of Yogya into the city centre.

Taxi Counter

The cab counter speed is good, but they’re usually 30 per cent more expensive than a regular taxi with a meter. For example: If you are likely to Prawirotaman place, a regular cab with a meter will cost you. You will be charged by A taxi from the taxi counter. So it’s simply more expensive. It is possible to walk a little bit to the passing area and get a cab from there if you’re looking for a taxi with a meter. Or you’ll be able to walk outside the airport (either pass on the tube or cross the railroad) and get a cab on the highway.

Damri Bus

You can get a Damri bus to Borobudur quickly! Yes, directly into Borobudur from Yogyakarta airport! The Damri bus may also take you to several additional areas like Magelang (Wisata Hotel, Tidar), Wonosari (Gunung Kidul area), Kebumen, Temanggung dan Wonosobo (if you are heading into Dieng). Their departure program is every hour! The schedule begins at Yogyakarta airport at 7 am. From the Airport into Borobudur costs IDR 75,000 each individual. It needs a minimum of two passengers to leave. If, sadly, you are by yourself, either simply pay for two people or wait another hour and they will depart!

Trans Jogja

If you have a budget problem, utilize Trans Jogja. It’s possible to get in Jogja. If your hotel is in the Malioboro region, then get the 1A bus route and after cease in “Garuda” shelter or simply notify the bus assistant that you would like to visit Malioboro or wherever you wanna go. What if your hotel is in the Prawirotaman region? Easy! Find the 3B bus route.

You can go right from the airport to Prambanan temple, in the airport, together with Trans Jogja. The travel is less than 30 mins away from the airport! This really is the way to get there. It’s possible to discover the Trans Jogja shield close to the automobile parking lot. It is simple to reach this by moving through the tube. To get to the tube, depart the entrance gate, then after the Information Centre, and before Dunkin Donuts (in your right side), turn left. That piece going down, that’s the tube.

To get the best shopping experience in Yogyakarta, make sure to research more about Yogyakarta before you visit. Get to know more about Yogyakarta and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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