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Don’t Giggle! The Yeezy Foam Runner is Just a Fancy Clog

The first sight of Yeezys Foam Runners might make you go bonkers and wonder what on earth these are! You might call it grilled cheese, space barnacles, or Yeezy crocs, but these pairs have brought forth an enormous evolution in footwear.

Emancipation of the Yeezy Foam Runners

While everyone around you is talking about Yeezy Foam Runners, doesn’t it make you wonder what they are? These fancy pairs of clog look just as mesmerizing as their name. The journey of this captivating footwear commenced back in the year 2019.

Both Steven Smith and Kanye brought forth this debut design on the 3rd day of the Fast Company Innovation Festival. While Kanye declared that his headquarters were moving to Wyoming, he unveiled a new pair of shoes. He then provided the shoes with the nickname “Yeezy Clog”.

However, even before Kanye and Smith unveiled the footwear, North West’s daughter of Kanye slid them on in the summer of 2019. The fantastic pair of Yeezys Foam Runners manages to deliver the futuristic aesthetics, making them the most happening shoes of the time.

Check Out the Styling Procedures of Yeezy Foam Runner

The pair of foam runners have a wild structure, instantly delivering a striking and recognizable look to your styling. Standing in 2022, it is exceedingly difficult to avoid the infamous foam runners. These pairs have been turning heads ever since North West paired them up in 2019.

While Kanye was found busting these pairs at Astroworld, he introduced a slew of colorways. Each classic color – Sand, MTX Moon Grey, and Mineral Blue is hitting the shoe shelves. Of course, no one on earth can ever get away from the fantastic pairs of Yeezys Foam Runners.

Some of the best styling options for rocking your looks with the great pairs are:

  1. Put on contrasting socks and slide your feet through. You can also team it up with a pair of joggers to obtain a fancy yet casual look.
  2. Since these pairs of foam runners are washable, you can easily slide your feet inside and wear them to the beaches. In addition, it is a fantastic styling option to match the pair of shoes with your beach shorts and boxers.
  3. If you plan for a jungle safari, long socks and boxers are necessary. And with Yeezys Foam Runners at your bay, you can quickly ditch those forest boots.
  4. You can pair your baggy pants with a pair of foam runners. Then, you can quickly master the looks of Kanye West, the curator of the shoes himself!

What Makes the Yeezy Foam Runners a Fantastic Fit?

‘Versatility’ is the catchphrase of the great pair of shoes. It encompasses all kinds of sustainable materials along with futuristic aesthetics. Moreover, designers created the shoes with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, delivering an ergonomic design to the shoes.

The shoes are made of foam obtained from the processing of algae. They are incredibly light and thoroughly ventilated, making you feel like you are walking on a cloud.

To Conclude

If you don’t possess a pair of Foam Runners yet and are eyeing one, make sure you get them today. Or you can wait for some time to check out the new colorways surfacing frequently.

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