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Are Data More Precise on Live Chart?

OHLC data in the market depth window will never precisely match with the live daily candlestick OHLC as a result of a slightly technical factor.

Candlestick on the chart is developed utilizing all the LTP or live ticks the platform gets from their exchange. As you will be able to presume, there might be countless trades happening every second, yet we will get LTP of simply 1-3 trades every second. The candlesticks’ OHLC, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, or whatever, on the graph, is developed making use of these ticks.

On the marketplace depth on the various other hand day-to-day OHLC is streamed straight by the exchange. As it’s streamed straight by the exchange, it would be collating all the countless trades that have taken place on the exchange. So indeed, for everyday candles, the marketplace deepness OHLC is a lot more accurate then what is revealed on the graph.

The reason that we cannot use the market depth information to create candlesticks instead of looking at ticks that we receive is due to the fact that this approach can’t be used for a minute or per hour time frame. Market deepness just streams daily OHLC. What we do though, is that at the end of the day, just for daily candlesticks, we import the OHLC data from market deepness, utilizing exchange BHAV copy, which has the same information. So, if you examine a daily candlestick at 3.30 pm, and then check the same candlestick at 1 am in the evening, you will possibly see a minor difference.

BTW, when checking out daily candlesticks, it additionally makes sense to check out minute/hourly candlesticks, perhaps. There can be several stray ticks throughout market opening/closing, which might alter the candles entirely.

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